Flip of the Week: Stunning Red Leather Fully-Customizable Lazy Boy Power Recliner

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Man, I love recliners!

I flipped this a while back and I’m baffled by the idea that there aren’t a lot more people flipping power recliners like crazy. I got this beautiful red for only $40 bucks and just look at the profits I got from it. Granted it may not be the safest route for a flip, especially if you’re just starting. It takes a decent amount of space, you need a vehicle for convenient transport and most of them need a higher initial cost. But what’s flipping if not with a little risk? It’s basically part of the adventure. 

With some luck and a good amount of experience and skill, I managed to sell it for a hefty amount of profit: $410.

Here’s the ad description for this flip:

Stunning Red Leather Fully-Customizable Lazy Boy Rocking Power Recliner


Retails for $1,500, selling for $850.


Looking for an affordable recliner you could perfectly pair with your favorite movie? Look no more! 


This red leather power recliner is a spectacle to the eye. The vibrant leather upholstery gives an elegant look and a gorgeous accent to your living area or your home theater. Not only by its appearance, but this recliner is also a scorer when it comes to comfort. It gives cozy support to the entire body whether in a straight or reclined position. 


This full leather lazy boy has a fully padded armrest and headrest perfect for a relaxing rest with your favorite show. 


The adjustable footrest is firm and lockable in the raised position, allows one to stretch the legs, while also being fully supported. 


Most power recliners only allow you to recline the back and leg are. This premium, high-end Lazy Boy power recliner lets you do not just that, it also lets you adjust the HEADREST and LUMBAR areas!


That’s comfort brought to another level.


Because of the multiple areas you can customize and adjust in this recliner, this is perfect for relaxing/destressing and even for working and reading. Talk about that functionality!


You can even snuggly sleep on it giving you the full benefit of relaxing rest. 


This is fully controlled by a user-friendly remote that will leave you no headache in figuring out how to use it.


Since this is a high-end model recliner, the remote on this thing ALONE costs $108! 


The great thing about the multiple controls this seat gives is that you can tailor the seat perfectly to your desired position. And if anybody else would use the seat, they could also adjust it to a position that would be most comfortable for them.

And this is not just your ordinary power recliner… but it’s a ROCKING power recliner! It is a rocking chair and a power recliner rolled into one.


This seat is not just great for a movie and it is all at a very affordable price. You will enjoy this high-quality and fully comfortable recliner at a cheaper price of $850.


From a smoke-free/pet-free home.

Call/text/email if interested.


Profit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hands down one of the most lucrative thrift store flips you can do. Try this one out if you happen to stumble upon one!


Not the easiest but definitely worth the exercise! Got me a handy vehicle so it wasn’t hard either.

Time Spent: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was a solid 60-minute use of my time. Five stars.


OVERALL: 4.3/5

Overall I’d give it 4.3/5 considering these factors:

  • Time spent: 60 mins
  • Transport: Used a vehicle
  • Profit: $410


About the author 

A.J. Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

A.J. helps people take charge of their life and destiny by helping them unlock their potential and gain confidence. He shows people how they can take control of their life, make their own money, and be their own boss. One of the things he is known for is his teaching style. He will show you how to make money flipping things for profit as a side hustle. His mission is to help 1 million people earn $1,000+ per month flipping things on their spare time. One of the reasons people love his training style is due to his playfulness and sense of humor, expertise and experience, as well as his emphasis on making sure you internalize what he teaches. Thousands of people around the world have stopped stressing about money and are having fun flipping things because of A.J.'s guidance and coaching.

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