Flip of the Week: Matching Pair Dark Brown Faux Leather Chairs

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You might be wondering why I like flipping chairs so much. Two reasons:

  1. They’re usually underpriced in thrift stores, and
  2. There’s always a demand because upholstered chairs are freaking expensive when bought brand new.

So when I found this pair just sitting pretty in the thrift store, I walked straight to them. Then lo and behold, the price was only $19.99 each! These had great profit potential. 


So naturally, I go through my flipping process. After they were purchased, I brought them to my storage unit and took photos. Stashed them, edited the photos, then wrote an ad description detailing its wonderful features. 

I made sure to add in its condition; it had a few scratches and scuff marks on the leather, but overall it was a great seating experience. Gotta put in the disclaimer so customers know what to expect. All that work took about an hour.

Finally, I posted the item listings online. In six days I got a call. It was sold.


Profit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

$110 is decent profit for chairs. Not the best, but definitely not bad. Good work.


Big items like chairs and furniture always take more time loading up, so I’m giving this one four stars.

Time Spent: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

About an hour’s work.


Overall I’d give it 4/5 considering these factors:

  • Time spent: ≈ 60 minutes
  • Transport: No problems with transport. The loading wasn’t bad, but bigger items take more time. 

Profit: $110 – decent profit for an hour’s work of flipping.

About the author 

AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

AJ helps people take charge of their life and destiny by helping them unlock their potential and gain confidence. He shows people how they can take control of their life, make their own money, and be their own boss. One of the things he is known for is his teaching style. He will show you how to make money flipping things for profit as a side hustle. His mission is to help 1 million people earn $1,000+ per month flipping things on their spare time. One of the reasons people love his training style is due to his playfulness and sense of humor, expertise and experience, as well as his emphasis on making sure you internalize what he teaches. Thousands of people around the world have stopped stressing about money and are having fun flipping things because of AJ's guidance and coaching.

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