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I teach people how to market & sell stuff.

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The Flipping Ninja

“Dedicated To Helping 1 Million People Earn $1,000+/Month Flipping Things On The Side”

- A.J. Hakimi

If You're New To The World Of Flipping...

Or if you’re someone who wants to learn how to make more money on your spare time with a new side hustle that's simple, quick, and easy – then this page is for you!

Alright... So What Is Flipping?

Well here's Flipping Made Simple:

01. Buy Something Low

Jump on Craigslist, Facebook, local thrift stores – anywhere – and buy/acquire an item for a low price (OR FREE).

02. Take it home

Clean it up, make it pretty, refurbish/repair it (as necessary)

03. Re-Sell It & Make Money!

Sell it at a higher price and make a profit!

Here's The Thing...

I wish I could say this was some super complicated, secret ninja tactic stuff you need to learn to do this... I wish I could say this is only for a select few geniuses out there...

But I'd be lying through my teeth if I said that.


For Example...

Take a look at this chair I picked up at a thrift store on my way home from the GYM for $30:

...then ended up flipping it for $650 just 3 days later.

$30 Bucks Turned Into $650 in 3 Days

Bought for: $30

(created a Craigslist ad)

Sold for: $650
(just 3 days later!)

That's it!
Nothing to it, besides knowing a few things like where to go, what to buy, and how to craft ads that sell.

All skills you can easily learn.

Literally bought it for $30 bucks, took it home and posted it up for sale on Craigslist with new pics, new description, and THREE DAYS LATER I was holding Six HUNDRED… FIFTY DOLLARS… CASH. 

That’s like a WHOLE MONTH’S RENT for a lot of people.

Isn’t that insane??

Do you know how good it feels to hold $650 bucks btw?

I mean IDC HOW rich you are – even if you’re a millionaire – holding a fresh $650 bucks in your hands just feels damn good. Especially when you're not working a long 40 hour work week to get it.

It’s not something that’s usually ‘normal’ either. Usually when you're working a corporate job you're getting direct deposit – so you never actually get to “SEE” and “TOUCH” and “FEEL” the money you make.

Or like this bowling ball...

Bought this random (but super cool looking) bowling ball at a thrift store for literally $2.00, sold on EBAY for $96 bucks just like that. 

Profit: $94

(minus shipping & eBay fees of course)

Can You See Yourself Doing Something Like This?

Well, you're in the right place... because that's what I help people do.


  • College or high school student
  • College Graduate/Working professional
  • Stay-at-home parent
  • 9 to 5er
  • Entrepreneur/self-employed looking for additional revenue or needing cold cash to fund your business


Can You Use An Extra $1,000 Per Month With Only A Few Hours Of Work?

The Feeling You’ll Get Knowing You Can Make Money Anywhere
And Anytime On Your Own Is PRICELESS.

Just imagine… 2-3 months from now, you’re making $1,000 per month (all outside of your “day-job”).

Or how about $2,000?

Or even better — imagine making $3,000 per month all on your spare time, in exchange for a few hours per week.

What would you do with an extra $3000 per month?​

  • Pay off credit card or school loan debts?
  • Start taking more vacations?
  • Save up money for a down payment on a house?
  • Start investing your money into something like real estate or savings?
  • Buy all the cool toys you’ve always been thinking about but couldn’t afford?
  • How about treat yourself to an exotic sports car or luxury car that you’ve always dreamed of?

Here’s What My Friend Bought Himself A Few Months After
Learning How To Flip Stuff on Craigslist For Cash:

Thing is — my friend didn’t always know how to flip things. In fact — he’s studying Accounting full-time — yet he was still able to pull this off all on his spare time — after learning how to buy and re-sell things for profits.

If someone were to show you HOW you can also do the same — all on your spare time (or even full-time)… would you want to know more?

Well, I am excited to be able to finally share this content with you.

For many years, I’ve wanted to get these powerful secrets into a format where I could help as many people as possible get their hands on them, and I’ve done it.

"The Flipping Ninja Was Created To Help People Learn & Develop A Skill Set That Will Put Their Income and Financial Future In Their Own Hands."

A.J. Hakimi

My goal is to give it all to you and then bring it to life with as many real examples as possible. You will learn all the angles, peek behind the scenes for so many deals and uncover the wise way to make money without having to pay the price in experience.

Why? Well, because you deserve it.  

You're Always Just

One Flip Away From Freedom

I fundamentally believe every human being on this planet deserves to be 100% in control of their lifestyle, their income, their money, their time, their energy. Flipping is just a vehicle to help get you there. Learning these skills can give you more control, freedom, and fulfillment than a 9-to-5 can ever give.

Even if you work a "real job" now and never plan on "flipping"...

At least LEARN THE SKILLS so you KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY completely on your own – if and when you ever need to, without relying on an employer or job.

If not for you; then for your family/partner/those who rely on you and those you look after.

It's your responsibility

Watch your friends and family react as you turn into a Money Magnet! 

The results are all up to you. Maybe you’ll learn enough to:

  • Earn a couple hundred bucks to pay for your next mini-vacation.
  • Make several thousand dollars which you use as a down payment on a house.
  • Invest in repairs and improvements to your property so you can turn it into a rental property and build your wealth.

It’s all possible. I’ve done it.

And I genuinely want you to do it, too!

I don’t care if you’re broke, rich, smart, or not the sharpest knife in the drawer, introvert or extrovert — YOU too can learn how to do all of this once you learn how to not only SELL and make profits, but also BUY.

That’s right, you also need to learn how to BUY correctly in order to make money.

“I’m not a sales guy though, A.J., I just don’t have that sort of outgoing, high-energy personality!”

…I want to let you in on something…

The Flipping Business is the only business that
involves buying and selling that WORKS - whether you’re
an introvert or an extrovert

Learning how to successfully buy and sell things for profits will open up so many doors for you in life.

Not only will you become a money-making machine everywhere you go, but you’ll also pick up on vital business and marketing skills that will serve you forever.

Imagine the kind of power (and freedom) you can have from this whole new channel being opened up of money coming to you.

Or imagine the feeling you’d get from being able to afford and buy that new awesome 70” flatscreen TV you’ve been eyeing…

Imagine the feeling of no longer having the burden of credit card bills and debts to pay every single month. Just completely gone, allowing you to spend your money on what YOU want.

Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck, waking up every morning stressed, worried, and depressed thinking about how you're going to pay your bills? ...then after you pay them, if you're going to have enough money for gas to get you to work for the next 2 weeks? (or even food for that matter?)

Or imagine your car suddenly breaking down. It’s gonna cost $1,200 to fix. What kind of impact would that make on your current money situation?

Now imagine if you had learned how to profitably flip things... you spent time developing the skill sets that I teach... and last month you happened to make $1,500 in profits?

You’d be able to cover it no problem.

And you’d feel damn good about it.

  • Being debt free?
  • Traveling the world?
  • Buying that new car you’ve been eyeing?
  • Down payment for a new house?
  • Home improvements?
  • Taking a completely paid-for vacation?
  • More dinner dates with your significant other?
  • Tired of the stress, worry, and anxiety of living paycheck-to-paycheck and simply want to make some 'side cash' to help you out (without having to work a 2nd job)?

The possibilities are endless with the money you will make.

You see, most people think that in order to make money flipping things, you need to be some kind of sales superstar or business savvy genius.

They think that to become a master at buying things and selling them for giant profits, they need to be “smarter” or have more talent than the average Joe.

Guess what?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Intelligence has very little to do with your ability to make THOUSANDS of dollars buying, selling, and flipping things on Craigslist, eBay, and thrift stores.

What does that mean?

It Means You Don't Have To Be That Smart To Make Several Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Flipping Things.
It’s Very Simple.

Sure, being intelligent can help.

But is it an absolute MUST?

Do you HAVE to have a background in selling or in business? How about even a college degree?


(As a matter of fact, if you’re too much of an “intellectual,” or the type who overthinks things, you might even be at a disadvantage. Overthinking things leads to paralysis. Paralysis doesn’t make you money).

And I’ll prove to you that no matter WHO you are or WHAT you do, you can start making money as soon as this weekend if you do what I share.

Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores, garage sales, Facebook MarketPlace, flea markets, pawn shops – doesn’t really matter where.

My belief in helping you learn is simple: Share the truth, share what works, be honest and ethical, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what The Flipping Ninja is all about. I want to help you learn the flipping game so you can make money FAST anywhere, anytime, completely on your own.

So a quick refresher (if I haven't hammered this in enough)...

Let’s assume you’re a flipping virgin and cover the basics:

Flipping things for profits is not like your typical 9 to 5 type job where you’re trading your time for money.

The flipping business is a profits and marketing world, not a paycheck and employee world.

In the employee world and mindset, you’re working for a paycheck.

When you’re flipping things for profits, you’re working in a marketing and profits world. To fully grasp this very important mental shift you must make, start with reading this article here where I cover the difference.

As a Flipping Ninja, we increase our knowledge and skill sets to such a level that we can make MORE money in LESS time, and be able to detect profitable deals everywhere.

In other words, I like to think of it this way: I want to train you to get to that level where everything you touch... no... SEE... turns to gold.​

What Flipping Is NOT

Mythbusting, Flipping Ninja Style

1. The Flipping business is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme – it takes a lot of hard work.

Once you truly master flipping, you can make “easy money”.

Making $500 of pure profit for only one hour of “work” can become a normal thing for you. But despite this fact, it does take work and won’t just come overnight. Nothing good in life comes easy.

Developing the knowledge and skills to make money flipping things is one thing, but then actually doing it and taking action is another thing.

I can teach you how to make a lot of money in this business. I can arm you with the secrets, knowledge, and skillsets. I can show you how “easy” it can be to have awesome pay days and make profitable deals that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

But I can’t force you to stick to it, be persistent in your learning, and take action. That’s up to you. If you're lazy, get out.

2. HOW much money you want to make… well that’s up to you too.

To give you an idea, I know a guy who makes six figures per year in the flipping business (using a very SIMPLE strategy).

But I know others who are making nothing.

And there’s a wide span in the middle there. It’s completely wide open.

HOW FAR you want to go with what I teach you, what I show you, the tools and resources I provide... well that’s all up to you.

You get to go as far as you wanna go. You can take it all the way to your dreams if you wanted to. What are your dreams? Do you want to just buy a new car? Or make enough to quit your day job at some point? Or do you just want to be completely debt-free and use flipping as a vehicle to pay off credit card debts then resume to your normal job and life?

That’s a decision for you to make (but once you learn it, it’s impossible to walk away from it because of how much power, control, flexibility, and versatility you will have).

3. Making (a lot of) money flipping things for profits is NOT impossible.

Quitting my job and being able to support myself 100% just by flipping things was just a fantasy for me – until I actually did it.

I spent my weekends and free time getting so good at it that eventually I started to realize this could actually work.

I got to a point where my knowledge and skills got so developed that I was able to walk away and make my dream come true, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

I’ve got complete freedom and control over my time, what I do, when I do it, and can even travel anytime if I wanted to. 

The lifestyle is amazing – but even if you choose to keep your full-time day job, you can make a lot of extra money flipping on the side as a part-time gig and side hustle (usually even more than what your job pays - but with only a few hours per week). It’s a real thing and I want you to experience it too.

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