March 23

021: Timeless Traits That Make Up A Successful Flipping Ninja (Pt. 1)

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

021: Timeless Traits That Make Up A Successful Flipping Ninja (Pt. 1)



What are some of the timeless traits… the timeless lessons… that make up a successful Flipping Ninja?

What traits must you possess to be a professional Craigslist flipper?

What are some of the most useful lessons you should know to make money flipping things online, on Craigslist, eBay, Thrift Stores, Pawn Shops — anywhere and everywhere?


What You Need to Know [Episode Summary]:

In part one of Timeless Traits That Make Up a Successful Flipping Ninja, A.J. shares some of the timeless traits that he feels are important to be successful in the business. In today’s episode, A.J. shares the traits that make up a successful flipping ninja. Flipping may seem easy, but there are some vital lessons and traits that can determine your success in flipping. Join A.J. as he shares three traits that you should internalize to change how you flip while gaining experience and increasing your monthly cash flow!



4 Value Bombs:

  • “Everything sells” is an important lesson to learn early to make you the most money possible.

  • Have the balls to buy. You have to have the guts and confidence to buy to be successful.


  • Adapting the mindset of taking your shots will allow you to be ahead of the game in comparison to your competitors.

  • Speed and Swiftness are important for when an opportunity strikes. If you are not fast enough, you may miss out on that amazing opportunity.




“Knowing that commandment [everything sells], and internalizing that commandment will make you so much more money.”

“You have to have the guts to buy. You have to have the confidence to buy.”

“If you can internalize them [the 2 commandments], it’s going to change everything, even if you don’t know how to flip anything, even if you don’t know what to do, what to buy, where to go, how to buy things, how to sell things, where to sell things, know these two commandments.”

” You’ve got that experience. You’ve got those numbers, you got that momentum going so that you keep getting better and better. Where one day you wake up and everything you touch will turn to gold.”

” If you’re not fast enough to jump on it, you will miss out on it.”


On This Week’s Episode You’ll Discover:

Intro [0:01] 

Start of the Podcast [1:16]

Flipping a Smartphone [2:27] 

Everything Sells [4:36] 

Have the Balls to Buy [6:16] 

Investing in Your Education [7:25] 

Confidence to Buy Something [8:15] 

Six Figure Income from Flipping [8:56]

The Silver Lining in Every Loss [10:42]

Take More Shots [11:21]

More of a Mindset [13:02]

Ahead of the Game [14:24]

Feeling the Resistance [15:17]

Fear of Loss [16:53]

Speed and Swiftness [18:12]

Flipping a Car Example [20:14]

Act Fast and Make Quick Decisions [27:29]

Pick Something in Less Than 60 Seconds [30:01]

The Costs of Indecision [31:51]

Outro [32:27]

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Full Episode Transcript


We’ll cover it all from what to buy. Where to look, marketing and selling tactics that create demand and bring you top dollar research pricing, creating ads that sell like crazy and even powerful principles on the inner game of success.




So if the idea of being your own boss is exciting, you’re in the right place.


 Now here’s your host. The world’s leading authority on flipping aging from the flipping ninja dot com Unplugged and unleashed.


 The Guy’s A J. Today’s podcast is going to cover timeless lessons on flipping.


 What way? Talk about the traits that make up a successful ninja right successful person can really make a lot of money in the spying and reselling business.


 OK, so obviously we all know what flipping is.


 So flipping is simply when you buy or acquire an item for a price.


 You It could be something from a thrift store.


 Craigslist, eBay from a garage sale. It could be something you picked up during something’s moving sale.


 It could be something you have sitting at home right?


 It’s when you have something, you acquire it for free or for a little price, and you turn around and you sell it for a profit before you sell it for a higher profit and make money. A lot of times, what we do is we.


 Clean it up a little bit or refurbished the item, or we reposition the item.


 Are we, you know, package the item up like, let’s say, for example, you are flipping a smartphone instead of just flipping a smartphone.


 Let’s say you bought a smartphone for $20 you’re going to sell it for $100 instead of just doing that, you know, go buy a charger for five bucks. Go get a case or a cover for the phone protection cover for 10 bucks.


 Right. So your packaging things up go get a, uh, headphone set.


 Right. So you in an example like that, you’re adding things to the mix which allow you to sell the items at a higher price.


 So now that you created, like, a package deal, so to speak, a complete set, the value, the perceived value has increased by a lot.


 Okay, so it’s doing simple things like that could easily allow you to sell that same phone.


 That same smartphone that you’re gonna sell for $100.


 You could probably sell it now for, you know, 150 or 200 or even more right? Depending on how you package it? Obviously.


 So So, yeah. If living is simply, you buy something low, you turn around and you sell it for I a profit. You make money that way, right?


 So in theory, it’s you can under you understand what flipping is in theory, right?


 I mean, you can get your head around the concept of flipping, right.


 But what is one of the timeless lessons?


 The wisdom, the traits and the things that make up a successful flipper?


 The difference between a flipper who is making a little money and, ah, Flipper, who’s making a serious amount of money.


 I mean, a lot of times, you know, people get into this they.


 That way they learn the correct process, and they’re making serious money.


 They’re making enough money to cover a full time job, and they’re working part time hours. That’s pretty cool, right?


 So what are some of the traits that will make you successful? What are the traits that make you a flipping ninja?


 Okay, so the 1st 1 we’re gonna cover is the to the 1st 2 commandments that I promote and I teach to all of my students everyone I showed the process to,


 these were the 1st 2 Commandments before we even get started. Into what?


 Into the what To buy, where to go, how to sell things howto, you know, focus on what?


 You know what items to focus on, how much money you can make before we focus on any of that.


 I want to instill these two Commandments into your mind into your brain. Okay. The 1st 1 is everything sells.


 Okay? That means everything sells. I don’t care what the item is. I don’t care how you know ugly, how ugly of a chair it is, or I don’t care what it is.


 Everything sells okay. No matter what, you have to always remember that.


 Always keep that in mind and remind yourself everything. Cells.


 Okay, Because it does. We’re not talking now. We’re not saying how much it’s gonna sell for.


 It could sell for $20. It could sell for $200. I could even sell for $2000. We’re not talking about how much it’s gonna sell for.


 That’s not the point right now. But the principle is that you have Thio just know moving forward from now on, your mindset, you should you should know that everything sells, right?


 Keep reminding yourself that. Okay? Knowing that commandment internalizing that commandment will make you so much more money.


 Okay, by knowing that commandment alone and just kind of handy, having that understanding will add will multiply your profits.


 The second commandment is.


 Have the balls to buy. That’s right. Have the balls to buy.


 You have to have the guts to buy. You have to have the confidence to buy.


 That means when you see stuff that you could potentially make a profit on or even if you’re kind of iffy about it.


 But you’re you know, you have that gut feeling that you probably gonna make a profit on it, but you’re not 100% sure you’re like maybe 90% or 80%.


 Or even 70% Sure, you have to have the balls to buy. So that’s the second command.


 Okay, if you’re not willing to buy, if you’re not willing to invest, how are you gonna ever make money?


 Because ultimately we make the money. We make our money when we buy low.


 When we acquire something at a good deal or even for free, right.


 That’s when we made the moment we make our money. But how are you gonna ever make any money?


 How are you gonna ever become successful if you’re not willing to invest in a product or item, just like I always think about, like for example, college or getting educated on something.


 If someone’s not willing to invest the time, energy and money into themselves, they will never get the payoff. They will never get the benefit.


 You have to have the balls by right, just like millions of people. Every single year after high school, they go and they invest in college, right?


 If everyone was scared to learn, or if everyone was scared to make the decision to invest, then what would the world look like?


 What would everybody success look like, Right. It’s like you have to have the balls to buy. You can’t live in fear. You can’t.


 You have to have the ability.


 Exercise your muscle off, being able to spend freely.


 Okay, Have the boss to buy. You have to have the confidence to buy something.


 So when you’re at the store, when you’re at a pawn shop and you see that watch that you, that is like super low price that you’re like, OK, these air.


 So these air pawnshop is asking $79 for it, and these were selling online for $299. They’re selling for $300 online.


 The pawn shop is selling it for, you know, 80 bucks, right?


 They’re selling for, like, 300 online. You literally have no reason to not make the decision and have the confidence to buy. I have the balls to buy.


 You have to have the guts to make the decision.


 Now this commandment is so important.


 That it’s the difference between you making, you know, maybe $5000 in a year, flipping and making $100,000 in sales flipping.


 That’s right, $100,000. Can you imagine making a six figure income from flipping?


 I mean, it sounds crazy, but so many people do it.


 I’ve done it before, right or forget about a six figure income. Six figure may may seem a little unrealistic or too far off for you. If you’re just starting out. Or if you’re still kind of getting familiar with it.


 What about even 1/2 of that? What about 50? What about Let’s say you totally were like, You know what? I’m just starting out.


 Just even if I could make a fraction of that, even if I could make 10% of $100,000 in a year flipping, that’s $10,000. I’d be happy, right?


 What’s $10,000 per year? That’s like 838 135 bucks a month flipping How?


 What would you do with an extra $835 per month flipping? I mean, that’s like a freakin one bedroom apartment, right?


 So I say all that to say this these two Commandments,


 if you can internalize them, it’s gonna change everything, even if you don’t know how to flip anything, even if you don’t know what to do, what to buy, where to go, how to buy things, how to sell things, where to sell things.


 No, these Two Commandments commandment number one.


 Everything sells. Okay. Everything will always pay off again. We’re not talking about how much it’s gonna pay off or it’s Ryan talking about how it is.


 But everything sells. You never lose. Okay? You never lose. Because even if you do lose, you will.


 There’s a silver lining in every loss.


 Which is you learn. Do you accumulate?


 Experience and wisdom, and you learn that. Okay, Now in the future, I know not to do this, or I know that this could could have been done this way, right?


 So everything sells. That’s the first commandment. You have to get that down. The second commandment have the balls to buy.


 You have to have the balls, the confidence, the guts, whatever you wanna call it to pull the trigger. If you’re not pulling the trigger, you’re not gonna make any shots, right?


 I mean, just think about that Michael Jordan quote where it’s like, you know, somebody asked somebody asked Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player in history, how he was, like, so good. Why, how he became such a champion, right?


 And I said something along the lines off.


 It’s not that I’m any better than anyone else. It’s not that I’m, like, more skilled.


 I just took more shots right, or it’s like the Babe Ruth quote the reason Babe Ruth was one of the best one of the greatest baseball players in history.


 The reason he hit the most home runs isn’t cause he wasn’t the best batter is because he was the greatest, most talented, gifted, you know, skilled baseball player.


 An athlete. I mean, yeah, I’m sure he had skill. Obviously, you have to You have to have some skill.


 But the reason he was the best the reason he broke records is because he took way more shots than everybody else.


 Okay, if you’re taking 100 swings, a few those swings air gonna be home runs, right?


 But if you take 1000 swings, how many home runs are you gonna have?


 Yeah, of course. You’re gonna have more losses than other people, Probably. But you’re gonna have so many more home runs and wins that it’s all gonna be worth it.


 Okay, so that’s part of these two commandments that you have to internalize.


 And this is what differentiates someone who makes a lot of money flipping and is really successful quickly.


 And the person who is very slow and, you know, they’re not making much in their stride. It’s a long, frustrating, cold alone road, right? The person who doesn’t understand these things.


 So it’s just more of a mindset thing. Okay, you have to get this mindset part correct so that you could be as successful as possible. The Two Commandments. You have to internalize everything sells. Always remember that everything sells everything. Cells, everything sells.


 Commander number two have the boss by have the guts it’s about You have to have the balls.


 You have to have the confidence to make the decisions. And by okay, have the guts to buy.


 Don’t hesitate. Don’t let fear hold you back from the money that you deserve, right? Have the confidence you deserve it.


 You have to take the hits if you’re not gonna. If you’re not willing to take the swings, take the shots.


 How are you gonna ever make a ton of money flipping right? At the end of the day? This is a numbers game. That’s that’s all it is. It’s a numbers game, right? We want we want to sell in high enough quantities.


 That are profitable. Self. We’re selling.


 If our flips are profitable, how do we make more?


 How do we make more profits? Way? Increase the quantity, right?


 So those are the Two Commandments that make someone a champion and flipping.


 Okay, those air that those were the two Commandments Two qualities that get somebody to two secrets That makes somebody very successful in this business.


 So if you can internalize those two things, you’re already ahead of the game by so much, you’re ahead of the game by so much.


 Okay, So have the balls to buy.


 Well, that’s the 2nd 1 The 1st 1 Every everything cells have the balls to buy. You have to be ready to invest.


 Okay, if you can’t invest, you’re not gonna get a payoff.


 And quick story on this too. So these two commandments may seem pretty, you know, it’s like you might be like, Okay.


 Okay, I got it. No worries. I could get that. No problem.


 But the time these two commandments truly payoff is once you start getting into bigger buys and bigger flips, Okay, so if you come across something that is,


 $2000 or $1500 But you know that it sells for $3000.


 You might feel that’s when you’re gonna start to feel resistance.


 That’s when you’re gonna start getting those doubts and fears and worries. The resistance is gonna creep up on you like like this dark energy, these whispers it’s gonna be like, Don’t do it. What if you lose that 1500?


 What if you lose that? What if you don’t sell it?


 $1500 is a lot of money. You’re gonna be out right?


 Those that’s when you truly have to be observant of these two Commandments and stay strong and keep going.


 Okay, there’s been days now. It took me a while to get to this point, and if I did it sooner, maybe I would have made more money flipping.


 But there’s been days where I would spend $1500 in a single day, $2000 in a single day easily, and I wouldn’t even think about it. I wouldn’t even blink.


 I would do it like it was nothing.


 And it’s not like I’m like some rich dude who could just blow money like that. $1500 or $2000 is thrown around.


 It’s more the fact that I knew I had absolute certainty that I was going to make way more money.


 Be able to sell the items for way more. So there’s like for example, one day I was at a pawn shop, I went to a couple of thrift stores, including a pawn shop, and I spent $1500 that day. I don’t even think about it.


 I was just like All right, no problem. Let’s do this. Let’s move on. Because I knew that the Prophet I was gonna make, like, 28 or $2900 in profits that same day because of that rights.


 So that’s level you want to get you where one.


 You’re not afraid because it stems from fear. At the end of the day, it’s It stems from fear of loss. You think you’re gonna lose the money, right?


 You’ll never lose. Okay, Yeah, you’ll you’ll lose money. Sometimes. Obviously, you can lose.


 I’m not saying you you’ll never, uh, I’m not saying everything you buy you’ll make money on.


 But what I’m saying is really internalized the mindset off, winning off playing offense of moving forward because even if you don’t make money on an item, you’ve got something more valuable.


 You’ve got that experience. You’ve got those numbers you got that momentum going so that you keep getting better and better. Better where one day you wake up and everything you touch will turn to gold.


 I mean, it sounds crazy, but you will have this mightiest touch where you’re so experienced that it doesn’t really matter where you go, what you buy your so good that everything you touch turns into gold.


 Okay? Everything you buy you make money on.


 And that’s what that’s the level I want you to be at. That’s level I want you to get to.


 So that’s why I need you to internalize these two commandments, OK? These are two of the traits of a successful flipping ninja.


 Everything cells have the balls to buy. So the next straight that makes up a successful and profitable Bayron reseller and flipping ninja.


 Is speed. Okay? Speed and swiftness when opportunity strikes.


 If you’re not fast enough to jump on it, you will miss out on it.


 That means there is just think about it this way.


 It’s not that there’s a lack of opportunity or a lack of money out there and around you.


 It’s that there are dollar science all around you, literally all around you there. Dollar signs everywhere.


 Okay, which is a good thing, right?


 But on the other hand, if you don’t have speed, if you’re not fast, I don’t care if there’s hundreds and thousands of dollars around you of opportunity.


 If you’re not fast, if you can’t jump on them quickly, then you won’t get them.


 You won’t make the money. You won’t get the deal, so you have to be fast. You have to learn.


 You have to develop this ability and skill set to act quickly to really make decisions quickly, right.


 To make buying decisions quickly to be able to quickly determine the price on something to be able to quickly see how much something is worth to be able to quickly make that decision off.


 My gonna make money off of this Or is it not really worth my time?


 Right? Because if you’re not moving fast on deals, somebody else is gonna jump on them and you’re not gonna get them. Then you’re not gonna make the profit.


 And, you know, I could make money, and that’s gonna affect everything, is gonna affect everything. You’re the whole purpose of you.


 Being in this flipping business is to make money, isn’t it?


 And have control and freedom. But if you’re not fast, if you don’t know how to act quickly and jump on deals, then unfortunately you won’t be that successful.


 Just to give you an example, I’m gonna give you a kind of more of an extreme example. It’s funny.


 It’s a B C. It’s me. It’s not extreme because I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s so it’s become, you know, second nature to just operate this way, which you will get to eventually.


 Hopefully, I’ll give you an example. So one time I was looking to flip a car right? I was looking to flip a vehicle.


 So a lot of times, what I do is I search.


 I searched for vehicles, cars in nearby bigger cities, like, for example, Chicago. Chicago is a super hot spot for cars. They’ve got a massive selection off quality cars.


 Not just quality, but I’m talking nice cars, talking like super.


 Just, you know, the kind of cars that you notice your stoplight or you’re driving.


 You drives past you. You won’t just look over and notice a nice car you’ll like, actually notice the car like, Damn, that was a sweet cars, Right? So they’ve got.


 In my experience, they have some of them, Coolest, have a high quantity and the quality is really good and prices, because there’s such abundance of them.


 Prices are really so I’ll give you an example. When I was one day, I was randomly jumped on Craigslist and I was looking at cars in Chicago was probably at, like a 2 p.m.


 Or three PM in the afternoon, right?


 So while I was looking at the crisis answer cars, I see this black Mercedes SUV. I’ve owned three or four Mercedes cars in my whole life.


 One of them.


 Uh, so the one I saw was crisis in Chicago.


 Now this was a super slick, all black Mercedes SUV, Super clean, black tinted windows, black, you know, fully clean.


 No rust. Zero rust, zero dense zero everything. It was perfect. Not only that, the mileage was low. I think that Miles was like 96,000 miles, right?


 So at the time, this is a few years ago at the time I ended up seeing it, and I’m like, Chicago is like a six hour drive. Me right?


 So it’s like it’s just me. If I drive there, obviously, I’m not gonna drive there. It’s been $6 driving there.


 I could I could take a friend, drive there with me.


 It’s not gonna really be worth my time, you know, something worth time.


 So what I did was the deal was so good.


 I think the guy was asking, like, 4000 for it.


 So before I even knew I was gonna get the car, I called the guy, and I’m like, are actually texted him.


 I’m like, Hey, I want to buy your Mercedes.


 I’m interested in buying out of a serious buyer. I wanna buy it. So we had, you know, a couple back and forths. Now, keep in mind. I didn’t tell him I was six hours away.


 I didn’t tell him I wasn’t even I don’t even live in this state.


 Right. But one of my mantra is that I was followed his commit first.


 Figure out the rest later, right? So commit first, always commit first, then figure out the details later.


 The details, the how you’re going to do something. The path that you take, none of that matters.


 Okay, What matters is first making a decision.


 Okay, Commit first. Figure out the rest later.


 So I committed. I’m like, Hey, I’m interested in buying a car. Is it still available? And he’s like, Yes, it is.


 You know, I got another guy who’s interested as well. And I’m like, Well, I’m gonna buy it.


 I’m gonna buy a car. I’m interested in buying it. I have cash, and I’d like to come by it.


 So he’s like, Well, someone else is interested in buying it, and he wants to come get it tomorrow.


 So, I mean, if you can’t, you know, And when he told me that someone else was gonna buy it tomorrow, I was like, Well, guess what? I want to buy it tonight.


 Okay. Like I said, it was like 2 p.m.


 Afternoon, and I didn’t even live in this. I don’t even I wasn’t even. There are six hours away, and I’m like, Well, I’m gonna buy it tonight.


 Would you sell it to me if I came and bought it tonight?


 Cash in hand. And he’s like, Well, yeah, I mean, if you if you want to come get it tonight, you know, that’s you can you know, I’d be lying to you.


 So I’m like, Cool. Let me get in touch with you in a little bit and we will go from there.


 So I hung up the phone and I’m like, Well, shit, I’m going to Chicago now.


 Eso First thing I did was I literally went to look at flights, and like I said, it sounds crazy.


 It sounds extreme, but, you know, when I was doing it, I was, like, so interested in this deal, and I’m like, you know, none of that matters, right? It’s like this. It’s all about speed.


 It’s all about, you know, doing it, whatever it takes. Right? So I literally booked a flight.


 I booked a one way flight for like, I was, like, $60 or something. You’re 70 bucks to Chicago.


 Okay, so I literally I look at flights right away. I think it’s like Delta.


 I look up flights and I’m like, I’m gonna go get this car tonight, okay?


 It is so interesting. It’s like I woke up that day that morning, and I never would have thought that I’d be catching a freakin one way ticket to Chicago, buying a Mercedes and driving it back six hours to where I live.


 So long. Story short is I quickly jump on and I booked the flight.


 I booked the ticket. I’m like, Okay, what’s available for right now and literally.


 There was a flight that was there was Ah, you know, the next ticket. There was one that was going to depart, and, like an hour and 1/2 I think was like an hour and 1/2 or in two hours or something. Really?


 You know, there’s something that was, like, pretty much like super soon, and I literally booked the flight.


 I don’t even take anything. You normally you fly somewhere, you take all your stuff you pack. It was it was such a weird, liberating feeling just literally going with, you know, whatever you’re wearing, your wallet, your cash, that’s really all I went with.


 So I catch a flight to Chicago. I land, and, like, I think the flight was like an hour and 1/2 or something. Two hours I land.


 I catch an uber to meet the guy where the Mercedes is.


 I buy the Mercedes, you know, we test drive it, I’d buy it, and I literally drive it home. Now, here’s the thing.


 I’ll be straightforward with you. I didn’t just go for the car, okay?


 Part of it was just the whole exhilarating feeling of, you know, going out on your own, traveling a freaking plane ride.


 I mean, that whole thing was super fun, just like the whole report experience. Like flying on a plane like it was just that it was like many adventure, right? The whole thing was like an adventure, right?


 And it’s like all of that in. Like I said, it wasn’t like it was some crazy flight expenses, like 70 bucks like 60 $70 to catch this ticket. So it’s like I flew there.


 I pick up this Mercedes Thio, buy and flip, and I drive it back. It was super fun and awesome. And then basically, what happened from there was I ended up coming back and I had the deal.


 I had the deal. Now the point of the story, the moral is that speed.


 We’ll get you deals. Speed will make you more money.


 Speed will get you really far in life, you know, speed of decision making.


 And I’m not talking just about speed when it comes to, you know, jumping on deal.


 I’m talking speed in any part of your life. I mean, if you can act fast, if you can make quick decisions and do more, that’s gonna benefit every part of your life, right?


 Like if you if you’re spending forever, you know, making decisions and it’s easier said than done.


 Okay, it’s easier said than done. And I understand that.


 But if you can be fast, if you could act quickly, how much more are you gonna be able to get done?


 How much more are you gonna be able to do? How much more opportunity are you gonna be able to jump on if you can act fast?


 If you could move on things quickly. I mean, like, the lady said, this applies to anything that is just flipping.


 Imagine if you were looking for it. Let’s say you were looking for a job, right?


 How fast can you apply for jobs? Let’s say your goal was to get a job if you’re applying for one or two or three jobs a day.


 Yeah, you’ll probably end up getting one eventually.


 But it’s like, what if you were applying for 2030 40 jobs a day operating at that speed?


 What do you think is gonna happen? Right. Imagine if it was you versus another candidate.


 You’re over here applying for one or two or three jobs a day or five jobs a day.


 The other person is swift. There fast they’re applying for, you know, 2030 40 jobs. And how many offers are they gonna get compared to you?


 I mean, they’re gonna have more options. They’re gonna have more selections. They’re gonna have more opportunity.


 They’re just gonna be ahead of you. Simple. Is that Okay? So, speed and moving quickly and acting quick is gonna make you more money.


 It’s gonna make you more successful, often times, and it’s really going to serve you.


 So if you can train that part of your mind if you can train, you know, fast decision making, you’re gonna go so far.


 And one exercise that you can do to really train that muscle.


 Is next time you have to make a decision and you know, you can start off with just small decisions like next time.


 You have to make, like, even just like a small decision create a rule for yourself that you’re not gonna take more than 60 seconds to make a decision.


 Okay, So even if it’s even if you after a minute, you still don’t know you’re still are, like, you know, on the fence.


 Choose something, Force it. Okay, So for example, next time you’re at a restaurant, you look at the menu and you’re trying to figure out what to pick.


 Pick something in less than 60 seconds. Okay, Now it’s gonna be hard, you know, it’s it’s so weird because we talk about it, this exercise, and it’s like, Okay, I’ll do that, you know, it’s gonna be challenging, but I could do that.


 I’ve actually met people who can’t do that.


 They cannot do that. It sze the weirdest thing ever. But I’ve met people who, you know, we talk about this 62nd rule on decision making, you know, and they can’t do it.


 And it’s so weird. It’s like, How can you not you can’t even force yourself to do it, and it’s it’s crazy how it’s such a mental anchor that they can’t They cannot do it, and it’s just it’s mind boggling.


 But, you know, be someone be that person, you just give it a shot.


 From now on, every decision you have to make whether it’s like, you know, should I go to the gym or should I stay or should I go do this? You don’t let more than 60 seconds pass before you make a decision.


 So you’re not thinking about her anymore. You’ve already decided.


 Okay, so doing that regularly will start to make you turn you into a fast decision maker, someone who can move quickly and act quickly.


 If you can’t do that, then you don’t have what it takes to be a leader or you don’t have what it takes to be, you know, an entrepreneur.


 I mean, you know, if you’re constantly startling on making decisions and making moves, how slower you gonna move? You’re gonna be super slow. You’re gonna be behind everyone.


 You know, while everyone else is way ahead of you. You’re gonna be stuck in the back of the line with the small minor matters trying to figure out. Oh, should I do this? So I don’t know which one’s better.


 It’s like No, make a decision, right.


 Indecision has costed more Americans, more American businesses and everything more harm than making the wrong decision has its better to make the wrong decision and then make it right later,


 then to make no decision at all.


 So speed in decision making is one of the traits that make up,


 a successful flipping ninja, a successful entrepreneur, a successful buyer and reseller speed Move quickly.


 This has been the flipping ninja podcast from the crew at the flipping ninja dot com.


 We believe that all Americans should be able to make their own money without having to rely on a job.


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 Be a part of the revolution and blast out of living paycheck to paycheck once and for all at www dot flipping ninja dot com Until next time.


 Remember, you’re just one slip away from freedom.


 I want to make a difference if you enjoy today’s show please pay it forward and head over to iTunes.


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