Hi, I'm A.J. Hakimi
(The Flipping Ninja)

If you don't know who I am:

  • I started a website called TheFlippingNinja.com.
    That’s my website where I teach thousands of people from all walks of life – all around the world – how to make money flipping things for profit. Flipping is where you buy something low, turn it around and sell it at a profit. One of the greatest side-hustles out there.
  • I've been featured in popular media outlets, blogs and websites like www.NichePursuits.com, a famous business website and blog (https://www.nichepursuits.com/make-money-on-craigslist/), as well as "Of Life & Lisa" (https://oflifeandlisa.com/how-to-flip-thrift-store-furniture-for-profit/), which is a popular Home, Lifestyle, and DIY site that gets 10 million+ monthly viewers.
  • The flipping business has completely changed my life and allowed me to do cool things like buy cool new used cars (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche), take fully paid-for exotic vacations, and buy my first house at 24, which I then turned into a rental property -- all from flipping.
  • (I then used flipping again to update the house -- things like all stainless steel kitchen appliances, updated light fixtures, new paint jobs and more -- which meant I was able to charge higher rents!)
  • I've flipped over 3,000+ items (written over 3,000+ ads), and have made over $100,000+ in sales flipping things in one year.
  • I know my stuff and am confident in my abilities. Therefore, you can be certain that when I offer advice it is quality information that will improve your situation.

Now, I teach people how to make money flipping things on Craigslist, eBay, Thrift Stores, Facebook MarketPlace, garage & estate sales, pawn shops, apps like OfferUp, LetGo -- anywhere and everywhere you can think of! 

Flipping is the greatest side hustle in the world – and I'll show you how to cash in on it immediately – no college education required!

"Dedicated To Helping 1 Million People Earn $1,000+/Month Flipping Things On The Side"

You Want To Make Money?


My first flip ever was an accident. Years ago, I bought a Yamaha Keyboard for $100, enjoyed it for a year, then resold it for $120. I was like holy smokes!!! I just made $20 without any work! AND I enjoyed this keyboard for a whole year and got paid to do it! The seeds were then planted. I started thinking.

It started small, and then I soon discovered it was like a game. I kept at it, keyboard after keyboard, until I finally exploded into other niches and categories like electronics, furniture, weight sets, toys, high-end luxury cars, watches, laptops, tools, cell phones, games, art pieces, pet cages, ventriloquist dolls, pirate pistols, life-sized Halloween props, complete home apartment setups, full on home gyms, autographed celebrity memorabilia — ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF!


...THEN $100k+!

I became a Flipping Ninja© — and developed the confidence and ability to make money flipping anything, anywhere, anytime.

And now I want to teach YOU how to make money flipping things — whether on your spare time or as a full time job!


Hold on one second, I know you! You’ve wondered about how much money you could make from all that stuff you have sitting around right now. And if you haven’t, why not?

How many of you have things in boxes, storage or just gathering dust? Put up your hands! Yes, you at the back, you know you’ve still not unpacked from your last move.

Or perhaps you’re a ‘collector,’ who wants to turn their treasures into cash. Well, you’re all in the right place. 


  • A private ATM, funded by flips, you can access whenever you need it;
  • Another income stream, graduating to a full-time living;
  • To escape a soul-shredding job and become self-sufficient;
  • A way to make money between taming kids and pressure-hosing the house;
  • To raise money for a one-off event – have a community flip from unwanted items;
  • Solving one particular problem or funding a project;
  • An alternative to a student drone job; I made $500 with 1½ hours of actual work, it took my then roommate 55 hours to make that;
  • The best training at building a small business that generates big returns

You’re in the right place. And this is no ordinary place, because it’s about no ordinary book.

This is an experience.

This Blueprint is going to give you the basics, but then we’re drilling down into extreme detail, acquired over years of flipping, from thousands of deals. This is hard-won information that cost real money and time to learn – and has been collected all in here so that you won’t have to make those investments.

The Flipping Ninja Blueprint is your advernture into flipping online, side-by-side with the savvy, charming and funny Ninja himself, A.J. Hakimi.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold anything before, you will be under the guidance and protection of one of the best flippers in the business.

It doesn’t matter if you have zero money to invest at the start; you begin for free!

A.J. will share his secrets, systems and safety rules for creating your own flipping business.

In the Flipping Ninja Blueprint©, Hakimi’s third Ultimate Training Program [Becoming Extraordinary – How To Break Out Of An Average Life And Into An Extraordinary One; and B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training – Build Muscle That Matters], A.J. will take you along on hunts for treasures, constructing killer ads, brokering deals and coming home with the cash. You will not be bored.

In fact, this may be the most fun you’ve ever had at ‘work.’

  • Every find is different, but A.J. will show you how to systemize how you sell it.
  • Every niche is different, but the more you learn, the more you make – built-in motivation!
  • Every deal is different, but you’ll not be alone – the Flipping Ninja© also ninjas negotiation. Leverage his experience in your business.

Come on in and discover what you can make with the treasure you already have or for zero dollars. Oh yeah, you can put your hands down now!

About A.J.

A.J. Hakimi is what happens when entrepreneurship, self-development and passion come together. Add extraordinary willpower and a mission to help others succeed, and you have the inspiration for The Flipping Ninja Blueprint©.

A veteran of thousands of deals, A.J. has gone from flipping keyboards to real estate, with greater plans ahead. His latest course is a brilliant, fun and complete training course and action plan that can transform anyone into a Flipping Ninja© if they follow this Blueprint.

With his other two books: Becoming Extraordinary – How To Break Out Of An Average Life And Into An Extraordinary One; and B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training – Build Muscle That Matters, A.J. is still influencing the bodybuilding and fitness worlds (he was the original 150-pound kid that became the 230-pound teenager who could bench press 405 pounds).

His chief drive comes from business and coaching others to get more out of life. As he does.

Committed to his own development, A.J. is “Always reaching for the Next Level” and never takes a day off. When he’s not negotiating or expanding his own empire, he’s an accomplished pianist (don’t tell him I told you that), tech expert, avid reader, nature-lover and fast car enthusiast. However, he’s scared of spiders (another thing not to tell him I mentioned).

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