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Yo! Looking good there, you obviously had breakfast.

Do you know what I did? I discovered that beauty may be skin deep, but it can make you money!

First of all, I’m not a pro refinisher of anything, but I do believe in improving everything I touch, even if it’s just to polish it up.

BUT, and it’s a huge ‘but’, I never felt that the time investment for the money I’d make on a piece was worth it.

And then I had a profitable learning experience.

Let’s be honest – I’m a young guy in a hurry with no time to fuss, unless there’s a giant profit at the end of it.

For example, if it takes me 8 hours to refinish a piece and only make around $100 bucks, I’d think twice about that just because I know that I can make that in a quarter of the time with another deal. Now, if the profit was more like $500, I’d be in my overalls faster than you can say Martha Stewart. (Please don’t say it.)

So, back to my learning.

I was thinking about how I could make more money with the least effort in my various flipping niches and I thought about furniture.

What would be the easiest way to build in more profit? Paint it.

Now, I’m not talking the whole sanding, priming enchilada; I’m not that crafty. Just straight up wiping down a furniture piece with a wet rag and then painting it! But that’s too boring for me, so I usually have an audiobook playing in the background while I’m doing it (always learning!). That evens out the time investment, but what about the profit?

I recently bought an old piano bench/stool for $9, cleaned it up and painted it black. 2 hours work, already had the paint, and then resold it for $50:




After that — I started to get more into it and came across a sofa table for $10 bucks I was going to transform. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a “before” pic of it (it had a freakin’ white base with a GREEN countertop…perhaps too ugly to post lol). Anyway — here are some progress pics:



And finally — completed and posted with a killer ad for $150:




Ready to sell.

Now I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty decent to me and it was an eyesore before. I could have gone all hardcore on it and sanded it, taking forever and doing a million different steps… but… why not just freakin’ paint the damn thing?! That’s $140 profit from a wipe down and lick of paint!

Keep thinking about how, with minimal investments of time and effort, you can also up your profits and still keep your pipelines moving.

About the author 

AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

AJ helps people take charge of their life and destiny by helping them unlock their potential and gain confidence. He shows people how they can take control of their life, make their own money, and be their own boss. One of the things he is known for is his teaching style. He will show you how to make money flipping things for profit as a side hustle. His mission is to help 1 million people earn $1,000+ per month flipping things on their spare time. One of the reasons people love his training style is due to his playfulness and sense of humor, expertise and experience, as well as his emphasis on making sure you internalize what he teaches. Thousands of people around the world have stopped stressing about money and are having fun flipping things because of AJ's guidance and coaching.

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