March 1, 2021

Flip of the Week: Getting Paid $10 for 10 Minutes of work

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

Flip of the Week: Gold Framed Mirror
Getting Paid 10$ for 10 Minutes of Work

Another *unintentional* thrift store flip, I found this gold-framed mirror just sitting in there waiting to be snatched up. I actually bought this mirror to put in a certain room in my house, and kept it for maybe about a year or so, before deciding to get rid of it. 

Anytime I want to upgrade something at my house or swap something out — I almost always end up making money on the item, so I’m basically getting paid to have stuff and furniture in my home! When it was time to sell — I threw it up on Craigslist for $20 bucks and it sold almost instantly. 

Nothing crazy, nothing fancy about this flip, it was a cheap item and I ended up pocketing $10 bucks when I was done with it.

The ad description for this was short but sweet. There were descriptions of its key feature: the golden frame. In the end, the pricing and the ad description were able to sell it at my target price — the intention being a quick sale.

I was happy with this flip, overall.





$10 profit isn’t much, but considering the fact that I used the mirror for about a year and got PAID $10 bucks to get rid of it basically — I feel good about that. But if I were to rank this with my other flips, I’m giving this a one-star rating. It’s definitely not bad, $10 bucks is $10 bucks, but it could’ve been better.


Super easy. I bought this with other items and my car had plenty of space.

Time Spent: ⭐⭐

About 10 minutes of work for this mirror. Two stars. Fair trade-off.
(although if you think about it… imagine working at a job that paid you $10 every 10 minutes… That’d be $60 an hour!)


OVERALL: 2.6/5

Overall I’d give it 2.6/5 considering these factors:

  • Time spent: ≈ 10 minutes
  • Transport: Picked up along with other items in my SUV
  • Profit: $10



AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

Hey there, I'm AJ, also known as 'The Flipping Ninja'. My flipping journey has been transformative, allowing me to buy sleek cars, indulge in exotic vacations, and even purchase my first house at 24, which I turned into a passive income source. With over 3,000+ items flipped and sales surpassing $300k, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the freedom and empowerment flipping brings.

After years of experience, my mission is to share this life-changing skill. I believe flipping is a powerful side hustle for anyone, from college students to working professionals. Ready to transform your life with flipping? Let's embark on this journey together.

Interested in my full journey? Read More about how I became 'The Flipping Ninja'.

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