March 17, 2021

Flip of the Week: $250 Profit In An Hour Flipping A Digital Piano

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

Found this keyboard while chilling on my couch. Bought it from Craigslist. 

Aside from thrift stores, Craigslist is also a great way to find cheap stuff to flip. This is a good example. I knew this keyboard could be flipped for more than $200, I’ve flipped quite a lot of them in the past by this point (probably 100+ over the last decade).

All I had to do to get a big profit was stage the setting of the photo in good lighting and in a pleasant background. In this case, I added light decoration to add a sense of style. 

For the ad description, I made sure to showcase its amazing features and added in the additional items that this purchase would include like a piano bench and stand. It was pretty long. Here it is:

Casio Privia PX-575R Digital 88-Key Piano Keyboard + Stand + Bench + Pedal for sale.

Rich, quality piano sound. Plenty of features.

Weighted keys so it sounds and feels like a real piano. Great for strengthening your hands/fingers/having kids practice on the real thing vs. other cheaper, but non-weighted keyboards.

Perfect gift! Great for piano students too

If you’re someone looking to have something at home but don’t have the space for a full size real piano — this thing will get you there but without the bulk.

Nice efficient size yet has all Full-Size 88 keys just like a real piano.

100% fully functional.


– Keyboard
– Stand
– Foot Pedal
– Power Supply
– Bench
– 128 MB SD Memory Card

Here are the detailed specs:

Slim, lightweight, and overall compact nature of Casio’s Privia PX-575R digital piano means you can pack it just about anywhere.

When you’re not tickling its full 88 keys, you can stash the polyphonic keyboard in a closet, under a bed, or in other compact locations where most digital pianos refuse to fit.

Maintenance-free: this piano keyboard doesn’t use hammers and strings to produce sound so there’s no tuning required.

It has great key action and touches at least the equal of many pianos selling for thousands of dollars.

Just like silk on the fingertips!

An affordable Casio keyboard with rich sound and grand piano touch.

The Casio Privia PX-575R Digital Piano is loaded with features such as microphone input and volume control, large LCD screen, registration memory, Rhythm and Tone Controller Internet Data Expansion System, USB port and SD card slot. The auto-accompaniment feature gives you the sound of a full ensemble.

The 88-key Privia PX575R features a tri-element ZPI sound source and provides authentic piano sound coupled with scaled hammer action for an exquisite grand piano feel, and selectable touch sensitivity; making it possible for people to be as inspired as if they were playing on ivory. The Casio PX575R comes equipped with dual two-way speakers and 2 headphone jacks.

The Internet Data Expansion Systems allows users to customize preset tunes by downloading them from or other musical downloading sites. For this purpose, users can also look for a USB terminal and direct PC connection through USB cable, and an SD card slot.

Synthesizer Mode

Edit built-in sounds to produce your own original creations. Up to 120 of your own sounds can be stored in memory for recall, just like the built-in tones.

General MIDI compatibility

The General MIDI tones of this Casio keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy “desktop music” capabilities. This keyboard can be used as a desktop music input device or sound source, and it’s just the thing for playback of commercially available prerecorded General MIDI music software.

USB Port

A USB port provides quick and easy connection to a computer.

Registration Memory

Digital piano setups can be stored in memory for later recall and instant settings whenever you need them. Up to 32 setups (4 setups x 8 banks) can be stored in registration memory.

SD Memory Card Slot

The Casio Privia PX575R has a built-in SD memory card slot that helps to simplify transfer of data from a computer and lets you store volumes of data for later recall when you need it. You can also load a card with a standard MIDI file (SMF) and play it back on the digital piano.


88-Key Scaled Hammer Action keyboard with touch sensitivity
Sound Source rivals the sound quality of a grand piano
Auto-Accompaniment provides exciting dynamic and realistic background arrangements for pop, jazz, rock, and other genres
Complete orchestral accompaniment on command
Also includes strings, pipe organ, and other tones, 10 in total

Used and in good condition.

Has some cosmetic flaws here and there, but doesn’t affect functionality.

Please contact if interested! Thanks.

Sold this one through FB Marketplace for $450 from one hour of work. Oh, and by the way, this was sold the very next day of posting the ad. Awesome, huh?


Profit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

$250. Definitely five stars. Flipping keyboards comes naturally to me at this point and I’m familiar with all the different models and brands, so when I get a new one, a lot of the flipping process is simply re-purposing previous ad descriptions. Super fast & easy $250.


Picked it up with my SUV. Five stars.

Time Spent: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About 60 minutes of work. Five stars.


Overall I’d give it 5/5 considering these factors:

  • Time spent: ≈ 60 minutes
  • Transport: Picked up from seller with SUV
  • Profit: $250


AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

Hey there, I'm AJ, also known as 'The Flipping Ninja'. My flipping journey has been transformative, allowing me to buy sleek cars, indulge in exotic vacations, and even purchase my first house at 24, which I turned into a passive income source. With over 3,000+ items flipped and sales surpassing $300k, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the freedom and empowerment flipping brings.

After years of experience, my mission is to share this life-changing skill. I believe flipping is a powerful side hustle for anyone, from college students to working professionals. Ready to transform your life with flipping? Let's embark on this journey together.

Interested in my full journey? Read More about how I became 'The Flipping Ninja'.

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