How I Made $265 in Under 90 Minutes

So today’s quick flip was a complete couch set, along with glass coffee tables.

Here’s what I got each of them for:

  • Blue Couch (by Broyhill): Bought for $75
  • Green Chair (by Broyhill): Bought for $40
  • Large Brown Chair (by Bauhaus): Bought for $20
  • Mocha Colored Storage Cube by West Elm: Bought for $10

Total Investment: $145

I posted the whole thing as a set for $350.


This morning I got a call from someone who was interested.

Now ALSO this morning, I happened to go buy a glass coffee table set for $40. Here are some pics:




I hadn’t even posted these tables up for sale yet!

So when the party who came for the couches agreed on taking them all for $350, I wanted to see if I could upsell them on more items. I said, “Hey look, I’ve also got a glass coffee table set upstairs I’d like to get rid, would you be interested?”

We went upstairs and they saw the tables (keep in mind I had JUST brought these in a couple hours ago and set them up).

They wanted them and asked how much.

I said with the couch set downstairs for $350, I’ll sell you everything PLUS the table set for $450 (so the tables were bought that morning for $40, and sold for $100 about 6 hours later without even me posting them up).

And they agreed.

The glass table set was sold with a $60 profit. Now keep in mind that that was literally just 40 minutes of driving to go pick them up and bring them back. About 5 minutes to take the tables out of my car and upstairs. This turned into a $60 profit for these alone.

Sold the whole set for $450.  They’re getting an AWESOME deal, and I’m making $265 in profits!

Couch set + Coffee tables total spent: $185

Sold all for $450.

Total Profits: $265

Total “work” put in: Under 90 minutes.


featured image by: TraderGroup Signal

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