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Today I spent a good amount of time posting up 8+ “large” items like furniture, end tables, room dividers, etc.

The only 2 items I had on me were my smartphone (must-have for every flipper) and…

my tape measure.



^^this baby.

Snapped pics then got measurements. Opened up my Notepad on my smartphone and added all measurements so I can have them all ready for when I post everything up for sale.


Don’t learn the hard way by trying to post things up for sale WITHOUT getting its dimensions because you’re lazy or don’t feel like it.

People will SPAM attack you for them. It’s almost like there’s a secret society out there just watching all ads being posted up, WAITING to see one WITHOUT dimensions and all of them texting/emailing you at once asking for them.

Seriously, have a measuring tape on hand at all times. Or even better, several. Have one upstairs and have one downstairs.

Have one in your room.

Have one in your bathroom.

Have one in your car.

Have one in your closet.

Have one at your mom’s house.

You get where I’m going.

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featured image by: Bill Sarris

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