Flipping Ninja Flips Keyboards In The Skies

So the coolest thing ever happened today.

So this morning around 6am – I was out on my balcony working on my laptop. Super beautiful morning.

Suddenly I hear this old school engine running high up in the air… now before I look up to see what it is I immediately feel this jolt of energy and am thinking, “OMG – please tell me that’s a YELLOW AIRPLANE that I’m about to see fly over my house in a second!!!”

As I’m staring and continue to hear the sound I finally see it…

IT WAS IT!! It was the yellow airplane! Flying right above my house!!

You’re probably like “Dude, so where’s this going”…

Well here’s the story:

So I bought a keyboard a while back and posted it on Craigslist to flip.

Finally a guy contacts me and says he’s looking to purchase it for his 12 year old daughter since she was looking to start playing piano.

Great! We talk, we meet up, he buys it. But before he leaves he says something to me:

“Say, I just flew right over your house yesterday.”

I’m thinking okayyy… You flew… as in… like with an airplane?

We end up talking. Turns out – this guy has his own little 2-seater airplane that he flies regularly! Literally just flying around town for fun.

So now I’m like holy smokes that’s freakin’ awesome! Tell me more!

He pulls out his tablet and starts showing me pics… vids… and a map/actual route he took just the day before and surely enough – he DID fly right over my house.

I ask him more and more questions about this plane… So this cute yellow little 2-seater plane goes about 75 mph and he normally flies it no more than 1,000 feet high.

He tells me about how getting an airplane is pretty expensive… BUT not if you get it with 10 buddies who all chip in! Which is exactly what he did.

Long story short we wrap things up and before he leaves he says “If you ever see a yellow little plane fly above your house – that’s me!”

Anyway, pretty cool little story. And a pretty unusual/sweet feeling looking up into the sky, seeing a yellow plane flying and thinking, “Whoa!!! I just sold the dude flying that a keyboard yesterday!”

The stories you come across.


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