January 11

034: Weekly Q&A: Just Take The Baby and Run! (Actually, don’t)—How To Be Financially Free From Debt Through Flipping, and more

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)



The Flipping Ninja’s Weekly Listener Q & A offers highly-focused, non-theoretical, no-nonsense Q&A.

In this week’s Q&A episode we discuss:

  • What steps to take to be financially free from debt—an answer to a 24-year-old soon-to-be father. Just take the baby and run! (Actually, don’t)
  • The 4C’s Framework—Clarity, Conversation, Calibration, Crush
  • How to transition from a 9 to 5 to full-time flipping
  • How to be better at flipping
  • The strategy to earn $1000 a month flipping.
  • How to start flipping as a newbie.

Time Stamps:

  • [2:00] – Question #1 from Jean, a 24-year-old man who’s about to become a father.
    Living with his girlfriend, who doesn’t share his mindset regarding financial freedom, he struggles to pay off his debt and make a living. He also asks for book recommendations. A.J gives him the 4C’s framework.
    • [6:07] – 1st C—Clarity. Creating clear targets that drive to achieving goals.
    • [10:19] – 2nd C—Conversation. Sit down and have a discussion with your partner about your finances, life, and future. Love, alone, is not enough.
    • [16:20] – 3rd C—Calibration. Find a solution to the problem.
    • [18:41] – 4th C—Crush. Crush your goals. Creating SMART goals and executing them.
    • [23:20] – Book recommendation—The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • [26:24] – Question #2 from Joshua, who works in aviation, but wants to transition to a no-cap income job with huge freedom—flipping.
    • [28:00] – A.J. quitting his lucrative 9 to 5 job.
    • [32:29] – Advice on flipping. Scaling, systematizing, improving marketing skills, setting achievable money targets.
  • [36:47] – Question #3 from Beth, an unemployed thrift store shopper who seeks wisdom.
  • [39:25] – Question #4 from Rick, who’s losing $80K a year on his income. Wants to start earning $1K a month flipping.
    • [45:09] – A.J. discusses Flipping Ninja Math
  • [47:21] – Question #5 from someone who sells pop culture items—wants to know if they can add a backstory to their item-listings. 
    • [49:25] – How A.J. made money flipping keyboards when he was just starting. The more you tell, the more you sell.
  • [52:00] – Question #6 from Jeremy, a newbie flipper, asking how to start flipping.



“..if you don’t have a target, you will never be able to hit your goal. Fuzzy targets don’t get hit.”

“You have to talk about money. It’s an important topic, especially when you’re with someone…
…I mean, if you guys have different views on money, that’s a big deal. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other or how much chemistry you have or how adorable she thinks you are, or vice versa. The fact is that it takes more than just those things to make a relationship work successfully”

“Crush your goals.”

“Dude, once I quit my job…
…even though I was getting paid less doing it, I felt rich. I felt wealthy. I felt like my soul, my spirit, my every aspect of my life improved because, like I said, I was just was free.”

“You know, get started with something small. Just buy something from a thrift store and see if you could sell it for $20 more than what you bought it for. And there’s literally thousands of items—thousands you can do that with…”

“The more you tell, the more you sell.”



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Full Episode Transcript

[0:00] This is a, loaded question. We’ve got girlfriends, We’ve got babies. We’ve got living at Mom’s house on an air mattress. We’ve got working nights, we’ve got We’ve got all sorts of stuff, man.
Honestly, my advice. Full blown. Legit, transparent Dude, just take the baby and run.
So the big question is this a scarred, working Americans like us ones who weren’t born rich?

[0:19] Music.

[0:24] What side hustle can we do that will give us more control, more freedom and more confidence in our lives?
How can we make our own money when we want where we want and how we, while being our own boss and calling all the shots?
What can you do right now that quickly, simply and easily banks you an extra 1000 to $5000 a month?
That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers.
My name is a J. And welcome to the flipping Ninja podcast.

[0:56] What’s going on, guys? This is A to J, welcome to today’s flipping ninja podcast episode.
We’re gonna cover some questions we got from you guys via email.
In fact, some questions aren’t even related to flipping. Um, but we’re gonna go through them anyway because that’s just how we roll, man.
We just answer questions from people, even if we’re not qualified. I mean, you’ve got questions.
I’ve got answers. You might be wondering a J Should I watch Oprah Winfrey or should I watch Dr Phil, Which is better?

[1:32] Dr. Phil Roe, hands down.
Never watch Oprah always watch. Dr Phil, You know, stuff like that, it zits important.
It’s important stuff, you know. So we cover questions on flipping on, marketing, on sales, on,
business, entrepreneurship, on cartoons, on TV shows, on climbing mountains, whatever it is, man. That’s how we roll, right?
So let’s jump right into some questions. Actually, this first question is from, uh, Jean.
Sorry, John. It’s a French version, he says. So questions from John, he says, Hey, A J let me introduce myself.
I’m John, 24 years old, living in the UK I’ve always been looking for ways to improve and develop myself into a better and wealthier person. But my problem has been always giving up, which I hold myself accountable for.
Listening to your podcast made me realize that I need to make one crucial choice in my life, and that’s clarity.
I’m slowly trying to clarify myself to myself every day, so thank you for everything you’re doing.
You’re truly inspirational and simple, which I admire to be completely honest. I have not flipped anything yet, but I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses either, just trying to absorb the best information possible from you.

[2:48] I’ll try and keep this email short, but I’m currently about to become a father.
My girlfriend does not have the same mindset as me regarding financial freedom, which makes things harder.
I’m currently living with her mom, sleeping on an air bed during the day as I work night shifts, which also means I don’t have my own place.
It makes it super hard to focus as there’s always distraction. And my girlfriend always wants attention, which is not a bad thing, but our time is limited in this world.
I know you mentioned getting rid of the people that is not adding any positive value to your life.
How do I get around the same page? I guess I’ve seen so many opportunities for money already in my local area. But the two things that I’m struggling with us, how to take money, shot picks and right killer add descriptions that sell.
I would like a list of recommended books to read for my own self development, if that’s okay with you. Lastly, my goal is to pay off my debts, which is over 10,000,
pound. I think that’s pounds, right. And, uh, in the UK is that £10,000?

[3:45] I think that’s what it is. Um, and look after myself and my family by living a comfortable and free life and obviously making lots of money with the skill sets you teach.
Oh, and have my own place to thank you for taking the time to read this.
I look forward to your reply. Thanks a j.
All right, John. So not only is this a loaded question, but this is ah, loaded question, man.
I mean, we’ve got girlfriends, we’ve got babies. We’ve got living at Mom’s house on an air mattress. We’ve got working nights, we’ve got We’ve got all sorts of stuff, man.
Honestly, my advice. Full blown, legit, transparent.

[4:24] Dude, just take the baby and run. Just just take the baby and run, man.
And, uh, yeah, I hope that, uh, I hope it works out for you, man.
Next question. I’m just totally messing with you, man. I’m totally kidding. This is a loaded question, though.
And instead of giving you some sort of, you know, cookie cutter type response, that is Ah, just like a bias point.
Of you telling you what you should what I think you should do, because that’s none of my business. That’s not it’s your life.
Um, instead of doing that, I would rather give you a more general framework that you can follow.

[5:08] That will naturally lead you to the right thing to do or lead you to the right answer.
Or, you know, the framework that will give you the data and information you need to make a smart, solid decision.
Okay, so I’m gonna give you a simple framework to keep it simple and something that can stick with you. And you could go and do and implement and get results with right away.
Um, it’ll kind of give you more clarity, right? So the framework that I want you to keep in mind is called the Four Seas.
And I literally just made this up earlier when I read your question. But I’m like, OK, how can we make it?
How can we give How can we make it? So it’s simple for you to follow and kind of covers every base eso it’s called the four C’s.
Okay, the letter c four seas that you wanna get familiar with and you want to follow.
Okay, So the first see is.

[6:10] Clarity. So the first thing you want to get you want to take care of you want to develop is clarity, right?
And from what it sounds like in your email from reading your email, it sounds like you’re asking the right questions. Clearly, you are asking the right questions. You’re thinking about the right things.
Your head is in the right place, okay? You’re already developing clarity about different parts of your life, different parts of your circumstances.
Most people go through their lives just totally unconscious.
They’re not even thinking about what’s going on. They’re not even kind of calibrate, you know, taking a look at what’s happening in their lives.
They’re just kind of living like robots on autopilot. So the fact that you’re thinking about all these different moving parts and your you recognize them and you’re consciously putting them out on the table.
On top of that, you’re seeking outside help your seeking outside perspective.
Dude, you are positioned for success.
But with that being said, there is more to it, Right?
So the first step I would say you should do is you want to develop clarity in every single part of your life.

[7:28] You want to be crystal clear if you don’t have clarity in every different part of your life.
If you don’t know exactly what you want, exactly what you want things to look like.
You will be crushed by just life. You will constantly be living your life in reactive mode, reacting to things that happen.
You’re not in control when you’re living like that.
Okay? Versus when you develop clarity.
Now you’re starting to live in proactive mode, right? I mean, if you don’t have clarity, if you don’t have a target, you will never be able to hit your goal. Fuzzy targets don’t get hit.

[8:12] You can’t hit targets that you cannot see. Okay? You can’t hit targets you can’t see.

[8:19] So you have to sit down and get clear on every single part of your life.
Every single part of yourself. You wanna get clear on exactly how much money you wanna make?
You want to get clear on exactly what kind of car you want to drive.
You wanna get clear on what kind of place you wanna live in?
You wanna get clear on what your lifestyle looks like? Every single thing you can think of.
You want to get clear on what you’re you want, your physique, your physical health toe. Look like you wanna get clear on what you do every day. You want to get clear on what you do for work, right? You wanna get clear on how much money you’re making every single week or how much money you want to make every week?
How much money you wanna make? Every month I mean everything. You want to get complete clarity on what you want your relationship toe look like on what you want.
Your ideal relationship with your girlfriend toe look like you know what kind of man you wanna be What kind of family you want to raise. You wanna have crystal clarity?
Okay, Because you need targets so that you can hit them.
You can’t hit a target that you cannot see if you don’t have targets.
If you don’t have clarity, you’re just gonna be kind of blindly living every day.
Just kind of like a zombie, right? You’re just kind of like a robot, right?
So that’s the first. See that You should focus on clarity, get clear and everything get clear on your fricking ideal life. I mean, get clear on. I’m just talking down to the specifics.

[9:47] You need to be crystal clear.

[9:50] So that’s the first. See clarity. You get clear, sit down. And this takes time.
This takes this. You know, you have to do something that’s very difficult for a lot of people, which is sit down and think for a while.
Right. Thinking is very hard for lots of people.
That’s why so few people do it right. So sit down and develop clarity. That’s the first. See the second, see?
So the next see that you want to focus on the next see stands for conversation.
Okay, so we’ve got clarity. That’s the first. See, the second C is conversation.
Okay, so you need to sit down and have a conversation with your girlfriend.

[10:33] You mentioned your girlfriend doesn’t have the same views as you have regarding money or some of your goals or success, so that’s a big deal.
That’s something you want to sit down and have a conversation with her about, right?

[10:50] And I’m not talking about just like a casual conversation that you have kind of in passing while you guys air freaking cooking in the kitchen.
And you just turned to her and be like, Baby, let’s let’s get rich. Yeah, like, that’s not what I’m talking about here.
I’m saying you want to make it official. You wanna actually, you know, treat it as a big step for you guys, because it is. I mean, this is your life, right?
You want to make it official, You want to actually go to her and like, actually set a time to sit down like actually schedule a time where you too, can sit down and have this conversation and,
what you’re going to say in this conversation with her?
What you guys are going to talk about is your goals.
You want to talk to her about what you’ve been thinking about lately. You want to talk to her about the type of life you wanna live together and the type of, uh, income you guys wanna make you wanna.
You wanna have this conversation with her and cover every single detail and basically say, Look, you know, I I love being with you. I’m Everything is beautiful. We have a beautiful relationship, you know, it’s I’m blessed to be with you.
However, I also think we can. I wanna live a better life, both of us. Right?
So share with her your goals, share with her your vision, share with her. Have a conversation with her about your standards for yourself and for the relationship.

[12:18] Does that make sense? So the first see was clarity.
You want to develop clarity, right? Know exactly what you want.
The second C is conversation. You have to sit down with her and have a conversation.
And when you do that, when you sit down with her, you wanna make sure you wanna come from a place of love. You wanna come from a place of compassion? You wanna come from a place of communication, positivity energy.

[12:47] Yet at the same time, you wanna be assertive, you wanna be firm, and you wanna tell her?
Say, Look, you have to lead, right?
Um, especially You’re the one who wants all these things.
You’re the one who has a greater vision for you to write. So you you have If you want to make it happen, you have to make it happen, you know? So you might go to her and be like, Look, you know, I’ve been thinking about us.
I want I think we can do you know, I want our lives to be different. I want I want our lives to be enhanced. I want us to have more options, more freedom, mawr potential. I want us toe reach our full potential.
And here are some things that I’ve been thinking about and some of the things that I want, you know, really fill her in on what you want, you know, fill her in on all of your thoughts and feelings.
I mean, just like the email you sent me. Tell her all the things you told me in the email.
You know, you have to have those difficult conversations.

[13:47] You have to talk about money.

[13:50] It’s an important topic, especially when you’re with someone, especially what you mentioned about her views, how what her views are on financial freedom and money in general.
I mean, if you guys have different views on money, that’s a big deal.
It doesn’t matter how much you to love each other or how much chemistry you have or how adorable she thinks you are, or vice versa.

[14:16] The fact is that it takes more than just those things to make a relationship work successfully, right?
I mean, money plays a big role, and as it turns out, I read something Thea other day that said, people are 10 times more likely,
to break up if they think their partner is bad with their finances.
Okay, That was some survey which they, uh, they survey 2000 US adults who are in relationships.

[14:51] So basically this study, they set out to observe how people handle finances with their partners and found that one in five people that’s 20%.
Okay, that’s one in five people. So think of five people you know, one of those people think and believe that their significant other is financially irresponsible, Right?
So the biggest thing is you have to realize that just because you’re in a relationship with someone or just because you are with someone,
chemistry or love alone is not going to position you for success. It’s not gonna cut it.
So you might have to make some hard decisions. You’re gonna have to have these hard conversations and get clarity, right? So in that regard, communication is everything. You have to sit down and have a conversation.
Not just about money, man. Sit down and have a conversation with her about just the whole situation about your lives.

[15:56] Talk about what kind of life you two want. Talk about what you guys want your life lives to be in five years from now, right?
Really? Think big is that making sense?
So the first thing is the first see is clarity.
You want to develop clarity. The second see is you wanna have a conversation with her, right?
And the third C is calibration.

[16:26] Okay, So calibration means you’re gonna want to calibrate now.
So after you have a conversation with her, you wanna sort of calibrate and sort of see what she says Kind of get a feel for what she’s thinking, get a feel for what she, uh, thinks about what you said, right?
See if she’s on the same page, is you see, if you two are vibing together, right? So you want to sort of calibrate her response and and see what happens?
Because on one hand, she might be like, Dude, you’re crazy. This is ridiculous.
I don’t care about money. Money sucks. I don’t need money to be happy. I don’t need, like, get lost, right? She might totally be like, you know, stuck in an average, uh, thinking mindset.
Or maybe she isn’t interested in living the type of life you wanna live.
Maybe she’s fine. She’s totally satisfied and content living how she’s living, right? So she can respond that way and just, uh, be totally unsupportive.

[17:29] Or she might be completely on board with you.

[17:36] Maybe she will get inspired by you.
Maybe your clarity that you have developed in your conversation that you have with her will inspire her.
Maybe it will energize her spirit. Maybe it will give her insight.

[17:56] And perhaps she’ll be like, Wow. Oh, my God. Yes. Let’s do this.
Does that make sense? So you’re painting a picture for you? You’re painting a picture for her.
You’re painting a picture for your future.
Together, you’re creating a vision, right? You’re painting. You’re creating this vision of the future, and you’re going to her and seeing if she is going to be joining you essentially right.
Either she’s going to be in or she’s not going to be in.
So you need to have that conversation with her and sort of calibrate. See what happens, how she feels where she’s at.
Okay, so finally, the fourth c, the fourth. See, there’s a lot of seas here.
The fourth C stands for crush.

[18:46] Crush your goals, right. You want to crush your goals, right? So we’ve got clarity.
We’ve got conversation, we’ve got calibration, and we’ve got crush your goals so you don’t want to just have a conversation, get motivated for a few days, Get fired up, both of you, and just kind of leave it at that.

[19:03] Okay, You have to set goals.

[19:08] Okay? You want to set goals that are trackable, measurable, specific, tangible and concrete.

[19:19] Okay, Because you have to have a way to track and measure your progress of whatever it is you’re doing.
You have to be able to track and measure your goals.

[19:33] Right. So you don’t wanna have goals or visions that are abstract or theoretical or goals that are just kind of fuzzy and blurry and not specific, right?
You need to set goals. You need to set targets that are trackable, you know, things that you can actually track, things that are specific that are tangible.

[19:59] You know, things you can touch and feel and see things you can measure right goals that you can measure. Because if you don’t have that, how else are you going to know if you guys are making progress or not?
You kind of just leaving it to chance And, uh, you know, like I said, it’s you don’t wanna be abstract with your goals. You don’t wanna be like, Oh, I wanna be financially free or I wanna be rich. What does that mean exactly?
I wanna be financially free. What does I wanna be rich mean?
Does that mean you wanna have you know you wanna make $100,000 per year?
Is that what that means for you, or does that mean you wanna have you know you want to bring in $5 million per year?
Right? So you wanna be specific so that you can actually measure and track your progress, right?
I mean, anyone could make a set of goal or have a vision, You know where they say I wanna be financially free or I wanna be rich. But that’s not specific.
You know, That’s kind of abstract. There’s no timeline attached to it. There’s no specific dollar amount attached to it.
So a better way would be, Ah, better method for you, my friend would be to say, my goal is to make $2000 per month every single month.

[21:17] And then after six months or after a year, my goal is to double that.
So I’m gonna go from $2000 per month to $4000 per month.
Right? And then, from there you’ve got your goal.

[21:30] Next step is you just begin, right? You start.
Right. So you first hit your you hit your first incremental target, which is $2000 a month.
And after you hit that, you know, you hit your next goal. 4000. You double it, right?
And then from there, you You know, you kind of just continue to incrementally build up, right? Because if you if you set vague general goals like, Oh, I wanna be finished with free or I wanna be rich, then you’ve got no place toe.
You got no targets. I mean, you’ve got nothing to shoot for versus if you do it.
Where you guys are setting targets and goals that are specific, measurable, tangible, concrete and trackable.
Now you can see your progress. Now, you can see if you’re actually making progress getting closer to your goal or you’re making you know you’re not making progress and you’re totally moving backwards because progress is everything.

[22:34] When it comes to goals and hitting targets.
So, in your case, let’s say one of your goals was to get your own place within the next six months, right?
So you guys can set a goal either together or individually, you know, depending on which route you go.
But, you know, you guys can set a goal where you’re like, man, I am freaking tired of sleeping at your mom’s house on an air mattress, and I am going to do something about it. So my goal is six months from now.

[23:06] I wanna have my own place. So let’s say you stumble upon an apartment that you’re interested in.
That is $1200 per month.
So now you have a target. Now you’ve got a target you can go after and work backwards from right.
And this is one of the principles from the book called Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen Cov He talks about this, he says, Start with the end in mind.

[23:38] Right. So you want to start with the end in mind and kind of work backwards.
So in this case, So in this example, the apartment you living in an apartment at $1200 a month, that’s the ending, so to speak. That’s the goal. The target. Right.
So from there, you wanna work backwards, So you ask yourself.
Okay. I need an income of $1200 a month at least. Right. I need that’s what. That’s my focus.

[24:03] So now you ask. Okay. Well, I need money. How am I gonna make $1200 per month to afford this?
Right. So let’s say you decide to go and try and pick up a part time job. Or let’s say you got into flipping. You actually started making money, flipping things, and now all you have to do is hit those targets.
Right? So you start making money, right? You got some momentum going because you’ve got clarity. You’ve got targets to hit.
Um, now you’re energized, right? So you’re working. You started with the end in mind, right? So now you’re like, OK, I make 1200 bucks month, you start making money and boom, you just totally killing it in life, man, you are totally killing it.
Everything is going well. And then finally, six months from now, you realize you are in a position where you can move into your own place and you do it, and that’s it.
But it all happened because you set targets.
You set clear goals and you set out to crush them in. The key is your goals were specific.
They were measurable. They were trackable. They were concrete.

[25:12] Right. They weren’t abstract. You were able to physically measure in track your progress towards your goal of living in your own place. How sweet would that be?
Right. So, like I said, I hope that helped. Um, I’m not most of the time. I don’t know what I’m talking about.
Um, you could totally follow all of what I said, and it could totally go downhill.
And I take full responsibility if that’s the case. Or you could just follow my initial advice that I said, which was basically just take the baby and run, man.

[25:47] Right. You could take the baby and run. Or you can follow the four seas, which was one clarity to conversation.
Three calibrate calibration, right. And four Crush your goals.
So I hope that is of value to you, John.
And let me know how it goes. Man, I’m curious. Maybe I could learn a thing or two about, uh, you know, family life, kid life.
What? It’s like having a baby.
Right? So good luck, my friend. Let’s move on to the next email we have here.
We got an email from Joshua. He says, Hey, a J, I love your podcast.
And content just recently found you after being on a Gary V binge.
I’ve started flipping the beginning of this year, and so far I’m very successful at it.
But my goal is to hit a point where I could make enough money consistently to be able to quit my 9 to 5 job.
I work in aviation and made great money, especially for my age. But the feeling of working for myself and not having a cap on my potential earnings and even personal growth and experiences trumps all the money in the world.
Can’t wait to hear more of your great content and grow as an entrepreneur.

[27:05] Thank you for the question, Josh. So first things first. I completely agree with you.
On the fact that no amount of money trumps.

[27:17] The sense of freedom and fulfillment and satisfaction that you have,
when you are on your own, where you have full control and you are a Trailblazer setting your own path.
So I completely agree with you. I’d rather have total freedom, total options.
And, uh, yeah, I would rather have all that than be stuck at a 9 to 5 job that pays good, but I’m just absolutely freaking miserable at, right.
I mean, and I speak from personal experience to man like Dude, I was working in i t. I was getting paid some. I was getting paid a lot of money at a young age when I was working in I t.
And it was cool at the time. I mean, that was what I was passionate about for a long time before I got into business for myself and all that and flipping.
But, dude, I was getting paid really good money working in I t job. I mean, I remember I was 2022 years old, and dude, it was freaking epic. It was awesome, right?
But what happened was one day I just woke up and something shifted.
Something changed within me where I just completely was like, I can’t do this anymore.
I’m not built to work.

[28:40] This sort off 9 to 5 like this. I do not want to have this sort of lifestyle where you’re working 40 hours per week.
You have to punch in at a certain time. You’re told when to take your breaks.
You know, you’ve got two days off the weekends. Your two off days. You can’t take time off like I stopped. And I realized I’m like this. I cannot do this.
Not that there’s something wrong with that.
There’s nothing wrong with that. It was just me. Personally. Everybody’s built differently, right?
But for me personally, I’m like, man, I cannot do the corporate 9 to 5. I have to create my own way. I have to find my own way to freedom.
Essentially right, Because look, I was miserable. Like it started to eat away at me right at the time.
Like I was working and getting paid good money, but it was killing me inside. Like I’m like, What is this? Is this what the rest of my life is gonna be like? I mean, it just didn’t make sense for me.
So eventually I reached the point where I started flipping on the side.
It was a total accident. How I discovered it and it started off small here and there. And then it grew right. So keep in mind, I was still working my full time job and I was doing it on the side for a long time.

[29:57] A couple of years until I kept getting better and better and better. I started making more money.
I started taking it more seriously at that point because, like I said, the pain was too much like the pain off Being stuck at work like it was just so much that it forced me to figure things out, right?
So eventually I finally reached the point where if I wanted to quit my job, I was able to while still being able Thio, you know, afford things and live the life. I was living right.
So I wasn’t making as much money from flipping that I was making from my day job.
But, dude, once I quit my job and I was just, you know, doing flipping and stuff full time.

[30:40] Even though I was getting paid less doing it, I felt rich.
I felt wealthy. I felt like my soul, my spirit, my every aspect of my life improved because, like I said, I was just, you know, I was free.
I mean, you’ve got total freedom.
Think about that. 40 hours a week of your time, given back to you to do what you want to learn, to read, to grow, to develop toe work on your own business. You’ve got total freedom.
And that, to me, was a million times worth more than the money the salary that I walked away from.
Okay, so I’m telling you this story because it’s really important.
The important part is that this is firsthand experience. Like it’s not just, you know, cliche like Oh, yeah, like if you don’t love what you do, you know, no matter how much you’re getting paid like it’s it’s not even that this is real life, dude. Like I was, I was getting paid a lot of money.
I hated it, and I walked away from it. It was the greatest decision I ever made.

[31:47] Like the type of growth I experienced after I quit the type of development, the type of just everything improved, man. Like I said, I was rich. I felt rich in every sense of the word.
So, yeah, you totally nailed it with what you said where you know the money does not trump.
Basically, it’s, you know, the personal experiences that growth you gain, Um, in the fact that there’s no cap to your potential beyond just money when you’re on your own is completely superior to,
being chained to a desk or, you know, stuck at a 9 to 5 job.

[32:30] Right. So, yeah, we’re totally vibing on the same. We have the same thoughts on that.
So as far as you being able to walk away from your 9 to 5 job if you wanted to do that, my advice is to just keep going. You have to You have to continue to get better.
You have to keep scaling, keep making more money. With flipping.
You have to see if you consistent ties it somehow systematize it and scale and also improve your skills.
Meaning improve your ability to source items.
Know how to find items? No, uh, expand your niches. Right. So if you’re always flipping one type of item, try other stuff too, right?
A second thing is invest in your ability to market and sell, right? Selling copyrighting marketing all those things, you know, taking effective photos, those those things add up collectively, right?
So if you make an investment in your skills, if you improve your skills, you know, you said you’re already making your pretty successful with flipping.
If you improve your skills, even mawr. What that’s going to do is it’s gonna turn you more money. You will be able to generate more money, right? So start setting targets.
OK, start setting financial money targets for yourself.
Right again. Similar to my last answer, uh.

[33:58] To the other Thio John, you want to set,
clear targets and develop clarity, So first you want to figure out OK, how much money,
do I have to make with flipping in order to safely and securely walk away from my 9 to 5 job and not feel like I’m drowning?

[34:19] Once you come up with that number, start hitting those goals and targets, right?
Because if your income goals are fuzzy when it comes to flipping, you won’t be able to really.
You know, it’s kind of like when I first started when I was working my 9 to 5 job in the beginning, I was just kind of doing flipping on the side randomly, like as a hobby.
I wasn’t really measuring and tracking or setting certain goals, like I was just happy to make you know, a few extra 100 bucks with it, right?
But it’s not until I sat down and was like Holy shit, this is like a really thing. This is, this has potential. How far can I go with this?
And I started setting targets.
That’s when everything changed because, believe it or not, it’s not that earning a lot of money per month flipping it’s hard.
It’s actually not that difficult to earn lots of money with flipping.
I mean, you could make you know there’s a lot of times where I’ll make $400 in an hour, a single hour of work, right, flipping stuff or flipping one item right, so It’s not that it’s hard.
Thio make a lot of money flipping the challenge. The reason why it’s hard for people is because people don’t have clarity.
They don’t have targets right the moment you set a target, if you were to sit down right now and be like OK, in the next 60 days, I am going. My goal is to make $4000 flipping things.

[35:44] If you sit down and do that, doing that just alone will be a game changer.
I mean, you’ll start to notice you’re essentially putting it out there and your subconscious picks up on it and you start working towards it.

[36:00] So the simple act of setting targets is a big key is a big step right, so start setting measurable, tangible, specific concrete goals and targets follow them.
You will continue to get better and better just keep at it, and then eventually you’ll reach a point where you’ll be like, Dude, I am making enough money on my own F you employer. I’m getting out of here.

[36:25] Right. So that’s my advice to you. Um, let me know about your Let me keep you posted on your progress, man.
Let’s try. I wanna help you get there. Like, let’s try and get seriously get you there.
Let’s try and get you there. Um And even if you wanna keep your 9 to 5, keep it.
Let’s you know, let’s try and still get you, uh, making a lot of money with flipping right. So keep me posted. Been right. So next email we have We’ve got an email from Beth.
She says She says, I’ve always been ah, thrift store shopper.
It’d be nice to make a living at it since I am unemployed at this time. Seems like the best time to start.
Can’t wait to learn your wisdom. Beth.

[37:09] Thanks for the question. Death. If you are a thrift store shopper, if you go to thrift stores already, then that means you already love going to thrift stores. It’s fun for you. Most likely, right?
I mean, you’re good to go now. You just have to monetize your time and energy while you’re there.
You just have to start buying things from the thrift store and flipping them. You have to start looking at things from that.
I right, So before you, you know, you were at a place where you’re going to thrift.
You love to go to thrift stores. It’s awesome. The feeling you get when you walk in all these random items Now it’s gonna be even funnier, because now you go in with a specific intention and target, right?
So you’re gonna be looking at items you’re gonna be seeing, you know, seeing what their value is and seeing if you could sell them and etcetera, right?

[38:05] Right. So you’re already set. You’re already having fun doing it. Now you get toe, make money while you’re having fun doing it, so just get started.
You know, get started with something small. Just buy something from a thrift store and see if you could sell it for $20 more than what you bought it for, right? And there’s literally thousands of items thousands you can do that with, Right?
So you just buy anything from a thrift store, just buy something and sell it posted up for sale.
Take pictures of it right up. A brief ad posted for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for just $20 more than what you bought it for, Right?
And you could probably even posted firm. Or but just do $20.
So it’s a fast sale. So you can really get that momentum going right. Because the moment you make that $20 you’re gonna be like, Oh, my God.
Holy smokes. Like you’re gonna feel this rush, right? You’re gonna get this dopamine hit in your brain where you’re gonna be like, Oh, my God, this is magical, right?
And from there, you’ve got the momentum going. So now you’re gonna rush back to the thrift store. You’re gonna be like, Oh, my God. I’m gonna buy a million things and sell them all for $20 more! Right?
And that’s pretty much it, Beth. Um, that’s pretty much it. So yeah, I do that, and let me know how it goes and you’re gonna You’re gonna totally kill it.

[39:26] Alright, so next email, we’ve got a message from Rick.
He says, I’ve been thinking about doing this gig a few times, and I’ve even found great items in the trash to makeover and flip, but never followed through with them.
Circumstances are forcing my wife to stay home, and I’m thinking maybe now is the time to take flipping serious as a side hustle toe, make extra cash.
We’re losing half of our income over $80,000 per year.
And although I don’t expect to make that much a year flipping, I would really like to make $1000 or more per month flipping.

[40:04] Thanks for the question, Rick. So first things first, Making $1000 per month Flipping is actually not that hard at all. It’s not that hard at all.
Once you get started and kind of just jump into it, you will start to see that $1000 per month does not take that much time, energy, or resources.
When I was working a full time 9 to 5 job back in the day and I was flipping on the side just on my spare time.

[40:37] I got to $500 per month, probably after just 30 days, like after, you know, because I started just doing it here and there on the side without really paying attention.
But once I got a little more serious about it and I say a little more, I’m still kind of just doing it here and there.

[40:55] I was making $500 a month regularly from flipping, and that was probably just from, ah, couple hours per month.
Think about that a few hours per month, earning $500 flipping.
Okay, so if it’s pretty easy, it’s simple.
Earning $500 per month flipping. It’s not that much more work to earn another $500 right? I mean, there’s items if you go on my website and look at my flip of the week.
Siri’s some of the items. I flip some flips. I’ll make 500 or 600 or $700 on one single flip.
That takes an hour, Right? So your goal of hitting $1000 per month.
You know, I’ve got good news for you, man.
Like, jump into it and you’ll see how simple it really is.
Obviously, it’s not some you know. You can’t just sit home all day and it just magically shows up. You believe it or not, you do have to do a little bit of work to do it, but it’s totally worth it, right?
So, I mean, you probably have well over $1000 worth of items just sitting around at home

[42:11] that are taking up space, and you don’t really use or notice or care about anymore that you could literally post up for sale and, you know, make 1000 or $2000 for right?
I mean, I’m literally looking around right now. I could see items that I could sell and probably like, three or four items. Boom. I hit a $1000.
Right. Which I should sell those. Right? I got random junk just sitting around, um, taking up space, but yeah.
I mean, you could You’re probably sitting on a $1000 right now worth of items you could post for sale right now, and you don’t even realize it.

[42:49] Right? I mean, it’s simple. Um, you know, you could pick up a part-time job and work 25 hours per week and make $1000.

[42:59] Or you can spend a few hours just flipping and selling and buying and selling and boom, You’ve got total freedom.
You’re your own boss. You’ve got your own schedule. It’s way better. Clearly, obviously. Right.
So just jump into it, man. Jump in, Let me know how it goes and let’s see if we can get you Teoh A You know, $2000 per month, $3000 per month and so forth.
I mean, I just flipped, like two recliners to living room recliner chairs.
Last week I made $250 on both of them or not on both of them on I made $250 total for flipping both of them, right?
So if I made $250 on one flip, how many flips what I have to do to make 1000, right?
Let’s 2468 I mean, that’s like four or five flips and then boom, $1000 a month, right? Super simple.

[43:58] Not that hard, right? So all I would have to do is flip five items in one month and hit my target of $1000 a month.

[44:10] Keep in mind when it comes to buying and reselling items for money, you’re not in the trade-your-time-for-money world. You’re not in the trade-your-hours-for-dollars world like you are at a job.
You’re in a complete different world. You’re in a profits and marketing world, okay? And a lot of people are not used to that.
A lot of people are not used to or comfortable with for example, earning $100 for one hour off work. A lot of people are not used to earning, you know, several $100 for just a little bit of time and work.
They’re not used to it. Unfortunately, because it how were we’ve been programmed with, you know, working hourly jobs and what not?
But that’s the beauty about this business. It’s it’s a different world.
It’s a profits and marketing world, and at the end of the day, it’s all just it’s a numbers game. Okay, um, in my course I have a section called Flipping Ninja Math.
So in this section, we literally lay out the numbers exactly how to hit different monthly targets.
Right? So it’s like, Okay, what do I need to do to make $2000 per month?

[45:29] What do I need to do to make $3000 per month?
Right? So I literally go down the math, right? So okay, I could do 10 flips and make $100 each. That’s one way, right?
I could flip 20 items at $50 profits. That’s another way I’ll hit my, you know, $1000 goal in etcetera. So at the end of the day, it’s just the numbers game.
It’s just the numbers game, and it’s not rocket science, right? So it’s a game of strategy numbers.
Just start, start setting targets and just jump into it, man, just jump into it.
And the beauty off, all of it is that you learn the skills one time, and you can use them to make money for the rest of your life.
It’s not like something you have to show up to every day to continuously learn and learn and learn.
It’s like, No, you just learn the strategies, the principles, and you go out and do it. You’re done.

[46:30] It’s like you’re, ah, human ATM machine at that point, right?
Right. And again, keep in mind, you know, I’ve got my website, the flipping ninja dot com with all these, uh, you know, tons of value and free information.
But at the end of the day, keep in mind, you don’t have to be some pro hardcore marketing master. Magical entrepreneur, superhuman man to make money doing this. Okay, You don’t have to be some expert whatsoever to make a lot of money doing this.
Okay, so that’s another thing to keep in mind. Don’t ever feel intimidated. Don’t ever feel like Oh, I don’t know how to do this. Like, just give it a shot, man. Just jump in.
Um, like I said, I’m here to help you too and just give it a shot and, uh, let me know how it goes.

[47:22] Alright. So next question is I sell pop culture items when making my EBAY listing. What can I add?
Um, I allowed to talk about the movie company or game or studio since I’m using them for commercial purposes?
Or is it copyright it? Can I link Wikipedia or copy them, as long as I set my source?

[47:45] So yeah, there’s definitely nothing wrong with providing more information or background or a story about the items that you sell.
My motto is, the more you tell, the more you sell.

[48:03] So if you can load up your ad with info on it, you know, background you know a story. If there’s a story attached to it.
History details, features, benefits, etcetera the better.
Okay, so you will generally make more money by making a better-detailed listing or ad description. And not only that, I mean, just think about it for yourself.
Imagine if you were browsing, uh, eBay or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for a specific item, and you see two identical items you see to post things for the two items, right?
And the first post thing just has one or two sentences in the ad description.
The second posting, a second item, has full-blown like paragraphs.
I mean, it’s it’s loaded with details within full with background with features, benefits right on, gets totally loaded in its educating you.
Which one are you going to gravitate towards, right?
Obviously, the one that is that’s giving you more information. That’s painting a certain picture in your mind, The one that is giving you the full story. Right?

[49:24] Right. So, you know, when I first started flipping, the first niche I ever got into was flipping keyboards. I used to sell keyboards, right?
So the way I would make my ads was I would completely paint this picture.
I would talk about every single benefit and feature and totally educate people on it, even if it seems like it’s common sense, right? Because here’s the thing.
Common sense is not so common.
And when people are browsing at items to buy there in that moment of decision, you wanna load them up with as much value and information or education about the item is possible.

[50:07] Right? Teach them. Get them excited about it. Tell them how it all works.
Right? And I made a lot of money flipping keyboards, uh, doing that. I mean, I would literally see keyboards posted on Craigslist for weeks, and they just they were priced low, and they just wouldn’t sell. I would buy them low.
I would literally take the same keyboard, take new pictures and write this killer ad description talking about every different feature of the keyboard.
How it has weighted keys, how it literally the keys. Feel like you’re playing a real piano. So that means your fingers get strengthened and etcetera, right?
And I would sell them for hundreds of dollars more than when I bought them.
For just because of those little nuances. Those little differences. So, like I said, learning how to write effective ads that sell is very profitable.
It’s simple. Is that so, uh, to answer your question.
Yeah. I mean, like I said, the more you tell, the more you sell. So if you could load it up with information with stories and, uh, you know, I don’t believe that, you know, For example, if you were selling some pop-culture item.
You know, let’s say you were selling some. I don’t even know… NSYNC action figures like it’s not.

[51:25] I don’t believe that it’s some copyright infringement type thing, if you right NSYNC in your ad or something or, you know, Lion King stuffed animal, right?
I mean, it’s how can that just from a common-sense perspective, I guess not common sense, because it is a question to worthy of, you know, thinking about.
But yeah. I mean, like I said, generally, the more you tell, the more you sell. It’s not like these companies. They’re gonna be like, “Why are you using our names and your ad on eBay? We’re gonna come sue you!” you know? Don’t worry about it.

[52:00] Got a question from Mr. Jeremy. He says, Hey, a j I’ve never flipped anything before.
Total newbie. What’s the best way to get started?
Jeremy? The best way to get started with flipping and make money,
as fast as possible is to right now go and look around your house and look for items that are just sitting there collecting dust that you never use, you don’t need, you don’t want.

[52:27] They’re just kind of there, you know, things that you don’t use things that you forgot about things that are taking up space like clutter type stuff and take all those items and put them in a corner.
Okay, put them in a corner off your room or house somewhere.
Okay? So once you do that, take each item, clean it up, dusted off whatever.
Snap a few pictures of it on your phone, go to Craigslist or go to Facebook Marketplace and post the item for sale.
So Right. A title. What? What? What? This is right, you know, upload your pictures and ad description, price, boom posted up for sale.
Publish it and start selling stuff. Okay, So start with what you already have in your house, so you can start making money immediately right away, right?
So that way you don’t have to go out and find items.
You don’t have to go out to thrift stores or, you know, hunt for items to try and sell.
Start with what you already have and the benefits to doing that is not only will you make money, but you will also de-clutter your space.
You will also get rid of random junk that’s taken up physical space and even mental space and stress in your mind just constantly seeing them. They’re right. It’s gonna give you clarity. It’s gonna make you feel lighter.

[53:49] And, uh, yeah, that’s my advice to you if you’re a newbie who is just looking to get started with flipping.

[53:58] So once you start making your first couple $100 or however much it is now, you’ve got some money to work with.
Now you can start to seek out items to buy and flip. Now you can start to optimize and get better at it.
Right now, you can learn how to make even more money flipping. You can start to learn new skills. That and just the experience and momentum by itself. You will learn so much.
Um and the cool thing about flipping is the more you learn, the more you earn right. The more things you flip, the more you’re constantly learning getting experience where you know, one day you wake up and everything you touch just turns to gold.

[54:38] So was that helpful? Jeremy, is that pretty straightforward? Is that something you think you could do?
Pretty simple. Just go around your house, start finding things, put it on the corner.
Once you do that, just start taking pictures of them and post them up for sale and sell them and collect the money. And then take that money and send some of it to me. Okay? Send some to me.
And then, yeah, you just kind of go from there, man.
So let’s wrap it up. This has been a long episode.
I think it’s because of Jean’s first question about his girlfriend and kid.

[55:13] I’m just messing with you, Jean. Um, but yeah, I hope that was a value to you.
And I will look forward to next week’s flipping Ninja Q and A. I will talk to you guys later.

[55:29] This has been the flipping Ninja podcast from the crew at the flipping ninja dot com.
We believe that all Americans should be able to make their own money without having to rely on a job.
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