March 25

023: Lesson of the Day: Life Is What You Make of It

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

023: Lesson of the Day: Life Is What You Make of It

“Life is what you make of it”, said the lady behind the thrift store counter as I walked out with an iced out “Big Money Dollar Sign” hip-hop bling bling chain & pendant. 

This podcast episode covers arguably one of the only tips you need to ensure lifelong success.






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Full Episode Transcript



Complicated will cover it all from what to buy. Whereto look, marketing and selling tactics that create demand and bring you top dollar research pricing, creating ads that sell like crazy and even powerful principles on the inner game of success.




So if the idea of being your own boss is exciting, you’re in the right place.


Now here’s your host. The world’s leading authority on flipping aging from the flipping ninja dot com Unplugged and Unleashed.


Guys, this is a J Welcome to flipping podcast.


So interesting thing happened earlier, just earlier today. So I went to a thrift store is a really cool story, and it kind of gives you perspective and a good reminder about things specifically about life.


So it’s funny. I went to this thrift store just earlier, and as I was checking out.


I saw behind the glass where behind the glass counter where there’s jewelry and stuff,


at the thrift store, I see this straight up like bling bling style chain with a charm on it that had so was a rectangular like charm, like a necklace thing.


He had big dollar sign on it, right, so I had a big dollar sign on it, and it was surrounded by diamonds.


So it was like those straight up, like bling style necklaces slash chains with this, like, huge dollar signing off the edge of it and obviously the diamonds Aerial.


Obviously, it’s not a, you know, legit quote unquote like legit, you know, rap, video style jewelry piece.


But I saw it, and right away because I love to just by random stuff and specifically with this that had the dollar sign on it. I’m like, Oh, that’s awesome.


It was like, Yeah, it’s just cool. It is a cool thing to have.


Where would be like, Yes, this is my straight up bling money necklace. Right? So anyway, I asked the lady in, like, Can I see that I’m like, I see that chain over there, right?


So and I couldn’t even see the price. I couldn’t see the price, but I she shows it to me, and then I check it out. And it turns out, um, it’s ah, you know, I look at it and it’s pretty cool, you know, it feels solid.


Not like really super silent, like hard core solid, but not like cheap plastic either. So I flip it over and on the back of it, it says novelty.


So then I’m like, Okay, this says novelty on the back. It’s probably like from a Halloween type.


Thing. You know, like around Halloween time you got, like, the props like the, you know, bling necklaces or the giant classes. Or I’ll probably novelty pieces your props, right?


So I grab it and, uh, it’s a frickin you know, it’s a novelty. It’s like for a Halloween thing.


And I tell the lady that I’m like I thought it was, like, legit. I’m like it’s not like it’s out.


Look it right And so right when I said that right when I was like It’s a novelty thing.


She’s like she laughs and she’s like she laughs and she’s like, Life is what you make of it, right?


So she’s like, life is what you make of it. And right when she said that,


I stopped and I realized I’m like, You don’t want your right And she totally just changed how I felt about you know, the necklace and whether or not I should buy it and all those things.


And it’s just it’s funny because in the moment I’m like, I’m like, Yeah, it’s true. All right, final by your right.


But when I left the store and I was in my car driving actually just left a few minutes ago, and I decided I wanted to record this quick.


But it was funny because this is totally true because I could buy the necklace.


Yeah, you know, I could buy it and look at it as like, Oh, it’s a novelty. It’s just a cheap Halloween little thing.


It’s a prop, you know, It’s not like a cool necklace, or I could just buy it. I mean, it was literally $4.3 99.


So either way, it’s not like it’s not the end of the world. It’s like, Who cares? Right?


But you know the fact that she said that and I just I was again Good bye, and just look at it as cheap or even not just look at that over.


I could buy it and, you know, just actually see it as a cool little thing.


I mean, you know, with some meeting like, if you don’t, you know, if you if you know me well, you know that I like to surround myself with what I call wealth triggers and what wealth triggers are.


Basically, you know, objects or things.


Or, you know, whether it’s a quote or something. that something that means something special to me that I could put in my office. I could put in my house, I could put on my wall.


On my table, something that I can look at that every time I look at it inspires me in some way.


Or like getting reminds me of some significant message or, like keeps my mind set on point. Right? So, like, for example, on my desk at home in my home office, I have a, uh, one of those things.


You know, the name, the sand. It’s like the little glass time sand thinking is where you flip it and the sam starts spilling through.


It’s like a timer at glass sand timer or something.


So you flip it over in, the sand starts falling through, and I think it lasts. I think it’s like 45 minutes. It’s finished, right?


I can’t remember the name of those little things right, But it’s like, uh, two little bald looking glass thing is in the middle against skinny, and the sand falls through a little hole and it’s a timer.


And when the sand is finished, there’s no more sand at the top, and it’s all the bottom. Then it’s It’s done.


So, for example, I have one of those, unlike data on my desk in my own office and that is a trigger for me.


It’s a trigger. It’s a wealth trigger that basically represents, you know, time that your time is your most valuable asset once, you know, once you lose time.


You know, when you waste time, you you will never get it back.


Okay? When you you know, the moment you waste your time doing something that you shouldn’t be doing that you you’re not making the most out of your time.


You’re never gonna get that time back with money. If you lose money or wastes it or your money, you’re all your money is gone.


It’s totally fun. You can always get it back, but with time, you can’t. So I have that it’s a wealth trigger for me. So it’s an object that having my desk where every time I look at it, I know it reminds me, you know, Are you making the most out of your time?


Are you using your time in the most productive way possible? Are you wasting time slagging off right?


And you know, So I just have random things like that around the house and s so basically this chain with this dollar sign, you know, straight up emblem on it with diamonds around it.


When I saw it, the reason it was appealing to me is because it is totally just the wealth trigger. It’s like something where every time you look at it or reminds you, keep your eye on the target and tracked.


You don’t know if you believe in, like the law of attraction or, you know surrounding yourself by people and things that attract abundance and et cetera. But basically, that’s what this necklace meant to me.


So I grabbed. That was its novelty piece, whatever on lady.


And she’s like She’s saying she’s like life is what you make of it so suddenly I was like, Wow, you’re right and I decided to buy it and I was happy with purchase. Everything’s cool and it’s, you know, it’s a cool necklace and it’s like I said, it’s pretty solid.


It’s not like a plastic like a cheap plastic thing.


So So that just reminds me the message I want to pass on to you, just like I was reminded, is that ultimately, with everything in your life, no matter what it is, life is what you make of it.


So how this applies to you and now the supplies to flipping and how this applies to your success.


I mean, life is ultimately, you know.


If you’re someone who is looking to maybe get into flipping or you’ve heard about, Are you listening to this and you’re looking for a side income stream than,


you might be thinking, You know, you know, there’s a lot of people out there who think it’s hard they don’t see themselves doing it.


They think it’s some like, really challenging thing or some people see it as like hard work. It’s and yeah, there is work involved. Obviously, it’s not some thing where you just sit at home and think about flipping and make money. You have to go out and do it.


But I notice that there’s a lot of times, you know, I come across a lot of people who see it as some big, scary, giant thing that they can’t do.


And basically, the thing is, you’re right.


The fact is, if you see it like that, if you see,


if you can’t see yourself becoming successful, if you can’t see yourself doing this and making money and you know doing all the cool things with the money that you’re gonna make it if you can’t see your life changing if you can’t see your life improving.


Then you’re 100% right, Because if you can’t see it happen, if you don’t see it happening, then it’s never gonna help.


Right. So I think it was Ford. Henry Ford who said this founder, founder of Ford Motor Company, he said, Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t both times, you’re right.


So if you think you can’t do this, if you think it’s not gonna work for you, think it’s too hard.


Life is what you make of it, so if you think it’s something that you can’t see yourself doing, because you don’t have the skill and that’s what’s gonna happen.


But I urge you to remember, I urge you to think about the fact that look, everything is learn herbal, right? Just like you learn how to drive a car just like you learn how to ride a bike.


You didn’t know it was impossible before you. I learned how to do it right.


Similarly, it’s learn herbal flipping, making money easily and just everything being a breeze.


It’s all notable and you could do it, and ultimately life is what you make of it.


So start looking at things as easy start looking at, you know, remember that all of this is learn a ble.


It’s fun. It’s a breezier and total control open your mind up to it and watch how your life is going to change.


See it happening in your mind. See it happening in your head.


You know, visualize yourself being successful. Visualized money coming to you from everywhere. Open yourself up to it. Right, Because we live in a world of abundance, right?


Now, the moment you do that, the moment you change your mind set to do that, everything will change.


Why? Because like that lady at the thrift store just told me life is what you make of it, right?


So it’s like because of that simple reminder.


You know, let’s say I didn’t hear that, and my own natural reaction is I would buy it, pick up the necklace that grab it, and I’d see it says Novelty. And I would see it doesn’t like it. Whatever.


It wouldn’t mean much to me because it’s like, Oh, it’s a Halloween props.


But when she said that, I’m like, Wait, sure it may be a novelty item, but,


it doesn’t have to be that in my mind, it doesn’t have to mean that in my head, you know, right, So it’s like I can still you know now that now I can still use that I can still see that as a wealth trigger.


Aiken, you know, feel good about this cool necklace, right, and it’s not.


It’s like it’s not like I’m gonna be wearing and it’s funny, cause like like I said, it’s like I don’t dress the way I dress is pretty, I would say. I guess it changes pretty business for, uh, What is it, business informal?


Our business casual. That’s what I’m usually. But other times I mean, obviously, you know, I’ll just wear your jeans and regular button up shirt, et cetera, But it’s not like a dress Super, you know, like hard core ghetto.


Or in that style, when I say ghetto, I mean, what I mean is like hardcore, like 57 of the Big 50 Cent. I’m a big rap fan, right? So it’s like it’s straight up. Looks like something out of a rap video.


So it’s like it’s to see me wearing it. I would just Normally it’s like it’s kind of funny, right?


But she’s like, It’s funny so jokingly she’s like you could pull it off and I’m like, Yeah, I don’t totally right But it’s not like I’m gonna wear it per se, Yeah, but it’s like it’s just a cool thing to have and,


s Oh, yeah, I mean, that’s I wanted to share that message with you. Just a reminder, Right?


Life is what you make of it, you know, Always be open. Always have an open mind.


Be fluid to be fluid, be willing and open to, you know, easily change your perspective, easily change and adapt how you look at things, right?


Because the moment you do that is when you have full control over your life, over your destiny and over your success.


So until next time, remember like I always say, at the end of each episode, always remember you’re always just one flip away from freedom. Take care.


This has been the flipping Ninja podcast from the crew at the flipping ninja dot com.


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