March 23

022: Timeless Traits That Make Up A Successful Flipping Ninja (Pt. 2)

By AJ Hakimi (The Flipping Ninja)

022: Timeless Traits That Make Up A Successful Flipping Ninja (Pt. 2)



What are some of the timeless traits… the timeless lessons… that make up a successful Flipping Ninja?

What traits must you possess to be a professional Craigslist flipper?

What are some of the most useful lessons you should know to make money flipping things online, on Craigslist, eBay, Thrift Stores, Pawn Shops — anywhere and everywhere?

The Flipping Ninja

Episode #022: Timeless Traits That Make Up a Successful Flipping Ninja (Pt.2)

Host: A.J. Hakimi

What You Need to Know [Episode Summary]:

In part two of Timeless Traits That Make Up a Successful Flipping Ninja, A.J. shares some more timeless traits that he feels are important to be successful in the business. In today’s episode, A.J. shares the traits that make up a successful flipping ninja and what traits you need to possess to be a professional Craigslist flipper. A.J. continues his discussion by adding four more lessons to help you increase your success in flipping. Join A.J. as he helps you become a flipping ninja!



4 Value Bombs:

  • You must learn how to sell by understanding what motivates and drives people to buy something.


  • Become a master marketer by learning exactly how to post ads that sell the item on their own!

  • Learn the technology and be up to date in all the possible ways so that you can better your sales tactics.

  • Have the eye for the deal. Always be on the lookout for deals and upcoming opportunities.




“It’s one thing to learn how to sell. Selling is number one, but literally alongside selling is knowing marketing. You have to be a master marketer. If you could learn how to be a master marketer and a master salesman, then you will be unstoppable.”

“The ad that I created and posted online was my salesman who was working for me.”


“You have to learn how to use technology > in order to make money > in order to build your business > in order to scale your business and showcase your products.”



“What [having the eye for the deal] is, is when you’re constantly just naturally, always on the lookout for deals, and opportunity. So that means anywhere you go, everywhere you go, you have a beacon that’s constantly on the lookout for deals.”


On This Week’s Episode You’ll Discover:

Intro [0:01]

Start of the Podcast [1:15]

Know How to Sell [1:38]

People Say They Hate Sales [2:49]

Flipping a Keyboard [4:23]

Educating Potential Buyers [7:28]

Learn How to Market [8:59]

Keyboard Marketing Example [9:51]

Craigslist Ads [10:40]

Learn the Technology [12:01]

Vocabulary Builder [13:04]

Having the Eye for the Deal [17:34]

Closing Thoughts [21:27]

Outro [23:30]

What to Do Next:

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Full Episode Transcript



We’ll will cover it all from what to buy. Whereto look, marketing and selling tactics that create demand and bring you top dollar research pricing, creating ads that sell like crazy and even powerful principles on the inner game of success.




So if the idea of being your own boss is exciting, you’re in the right place.


Now here’s your host. The world’s leading authority on flipping aging from the flipping ninja dot com Unplugged and Unleashed.


Hey, guys, this is a J flipping ninja. This is part two of timeless traits that make up a successful flipping ninja.


Timeless lessons that make up a professional Craigslist flipper.


This is part two out of two parts. Part one ran out of time, so we decided to make two parts, two episodes.


So the next trade that you wanna have in order to be successful in this business is you have to know how to sell.


Now, what does that mean exactly? Knowing how to sell? That means you have to know people.


You have to understand people you have to understand. Human beings have to understand how they think what motivates them. What drives them right? You have to know about things like emotion.


You have to know about things like logic.


You have to know how we make decisions, how we make buying decisions, what motivates us.


What influences us to take out our money, take pull out your wallet and take out our credit cards and buy stuff, even if we don’t have the money for it, right?


So this has to do with selling with sales skills, with influence, with persuasion, right?


So the one of the this is probably the most critical skill set, period, and not just with flipping, but in any business in the business of life, you should know how to sell.


Okay, most people get all weird. They feel weird would whenever they hear the word sell or sales. Or they’re like, I hate sales.


It’s so interesting when someone says they don’t like sales or though they’re not a good sales person,


it’s like, Listen, if you talk to other human beings, if you live, you know, if you’re interacting with other human beings, you’re constantly selling okay.


All sales is.


Is your ability to influence someone.


Okay, so if you can get someone you know, let’s say you’re at home and you’re about to watch. You know, your wife wants to watch a movie.


You don’t feel like going.


He would rather go and go out to dinner somewhere if you can persuade her to skip the movie and to go out to dinner instead,


and you can get her to be on the same page as you and actually want to do that instead. No.


Then you just sold her on it, right? I mean, it’s it’s kind of a weird just, you know, like, simple, weird example.


But the point I’m making is too many people are think sales is a weird thing, or it’s like a weird term. So, you know, the point is, it’s not okay, So he’s a flipping ninja.


You have to learn how to sell. Okay. You have to learn how to sell products.


You have to learn how to create pictures in people’s minds.


Okay, you have to know how to create emotional experiences.


Okay, so you know, how can you apply that? So when you’re flipping stuff, So let’s say you uh, you know, let’s say you you’re flipping a keyboard, right? So I play piano.


I flipped probably hundreds of keyboards. At this point, I’m not gonna buy a keyboard.


I’m not gonna post the keyboard for sale And simply be like, you know, here’s a piano for sale. Here’s a digital panel for Sylhet. Plus, you could plug it in. It turns on its electric.


It works. It sounds good.


It’s in good condition. I mean, you can’t do that.


But what if I were to tell you by really selling the keyboard, you’ll make two times three times five times 10 times as much profit.


If you can really sell it and create an emotional experience and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, you simply have to, you know, think and just visualize it.


So instead of saying something like that, maybe you could say something like, Look, this piano like it’s crazy. But when you play it, you actually feel like it takes you away somewhere else.


It’s like it’s like it just grabs. It, grabs you, and it’s like it takes you on this ride.


I mean, the sound quality is so good, you know, most digital pianos, most keyboards, they sound cheap.


They sound like they’re, you know, just these cheap electric sounds. There even sound like Pam was right.


But this digital piano, the sound of the piano itself, is so authentic that most people I think it’s an actual grand pants.


That’s how good it sounds. That’s how accurate it sounds. So when you’re buying this digital piano, you’re not just buying in a, you know, a cheap electric toy you’re buying an actual experience.


You’re buying something that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a big, bulky heavy, you know, real piano that you have toe spend $100 a year t have it tuned.


Do you have to do all this maintenance stuff like this? You know this anchor, you could have that whole experience right in this digital panel. That’s a fraction of the size.


A fraction of the weight in a fraction of the price.


So suddenly, like, you know, like I said, I was just literally doing that, you know, off the cuff.


But do you see the difference between the first example of digital panel for sale plugs in, You know, work’s good, good condition, call or text of Interested?


That versus the second experience where you really painted this picture for them?


I mean, even if you don’t play piano, you’re gonna be like, Holy shit. That sounds really like that. That was legit.


I’m interested in that. So, do you guys see how the different you know when you learn to sell, you know, it’s all about creating these pictures, thes experiences for people, getting them to see things, right?


So, ah, lot of times it’s simply a matter of just educating them.


It’s not even a matter of knowing some crazy sales tactics. You know, being some silver tongued, you know, guy a girl.


A lot of times it’s simply a matter of just telling is educating them on things that most people don’t talk about, right?


I mean, if I were to tell you this piano sounds like a real authentic grand piano fire, say this digital. This keyboard sounds like a real piano.


I mean, that’s not anything you know. That’s not something special or magical that I like crafted. It’s like, No, it’s a fact this the fact that this piano actually does sound like a real piano, So why not tell them that?


Right? So the point is one of the traits that makes up, ah, flipping ninja.


You know, a successful entrepreneur, a successful leader, a successful business owner, successful Bayron reseller is that they know how to sell.


Okay, so that’s one of the most important skills that you have to learn is learn how to sell.


Okay, you know, learn how to sell, and you’ll pretty much get everything you want in life.


Whether it comes to money, living situation, finances, business relationships, every part of your life will improve if you can learn how to sell.


Okay, so the next trade that I want to cover that makes up a successful flipping ninja is learn how it’s a market.


Okay, You wanna learn marketing skills?


Okay. It’s one thing to learn how to sell. Selling is number one, but literally alongside selling is knowing marketing.


You have to be a master marketer. If you could learn how to be a master marketer and a master salesman, then you will be unstoppable.


Simple. Is that okay? Now, marketing is simply the act off. Knowing how to basically showcase your service is in a way that gets others to come to you.


Okay, So just like with the keyboard example I gave you if I weren’t, let’s just say just for an example.


If I were working at a musical instrument store and I was a sales person there,


you know customers would come in or I would go out to customers and I would seldom, you know, just like I was pitching you earlier.


I would sell them and it would pitch them, and I would try to persuade them. I’ll try to convince them.


So by this keyboard or by this panel, right?


And that’s fine. That’s a you know, that’s perfectly normal. But marketing is getting them to come to you That is basically showcasing,


you know, showcasing the product, the service, the company, the brand in getting them to come to you.


So that simply could mean, you know, in a flipping context.


Let’s say I posted an ad on Craigslist and I took my whole sales presentation.


Basically, you know, everything good about the keyboard, You know, the call to action at the end. Like what? You know, I just think, you know, simple Craigslist ad for selling a keyboard.


I post on Craigslist. Now, suddenly, my post is just up there the whole time, and it’s doing all the selling for me.


So now people are going to see that and they’re gonna call me. They’re gonna text me saying, hes your keyboard available.


I’m interested because the ad that I created the ad that I wrote, the photos that I took everything it did all the selling for me.


Essentially, the ad that I created was my salesman.


The ad that I created and posted online was my salesman who was working for me?


24 7 Even while I’m sleeping. It’s up there now. What did I do?


I just created the ad. That’s it. I don’t have to sell anyone in person. I literally just created the ad.


You know, someone called me. They said, Hey, I saw your keyboard for sale. I want to buy it.


I meet up with them and we do the transaction, and that’s it. Does that make sense?


Okay, so that leads me to the next trade that makes up a successful flipping ninja, which is you have to learn.


The technology’s okay. You have to learn how to use technology in order to make money in order to build your business in order to scale your business and showcase your products.


Okay, You could be the best salesman in the world. You could be the best marketer in the world.


But if you don’t know how to use technology, you don’t know how to use all the different websites and all the different channels and vehicles. And you know all these different things. The APS.


If you don’t know how to use them, then you’re gonna be very limited in what you could do.


I mean, the fact is, we live in a world of technology, right? It’s funny. So I, uh, I have this app on my phone called.


I think it’s called here. Let me pull it up right now. So this app on my phone is called Yeah, it’s just called vocabulary builder.


Right? And basically, every day it gives me a word.


Uh, you know a new word that you can learn and learn the meaning of and et cetera.


So basically, there’s this funny word that it’s so funny. I never heard of it before, but, um, it’s called, uh, let’s see.


Okay, so the word is is Luddite Luddite, right? L u d d I t.


So the meaning is It’s a derogatory term for a person opposed to new technology or ways of working.


And the word in a sentence, a bunch of small minded Luddite ce resisting progress.


And it’s just so funny cause I was cracking up with this word, right?


This word is such a funny word. I mean, obviously, it’s not the best word you want to use, but it has to do with what we’re talking about here.


So, you know, basically, if you if you’re the type of person who is not embracing and accepting technology and you’re not getting on board with it all and learning how to use it. You’re gonna be left behind. Okay?


You’re probably already behind. Okay, if you’re one of those people who’s like all of this new stuff, I don’t want to learn how you know Facebook, Craigslist, all this stuff. I don’t know how to use a computer.


It’s like you’re done. You’re over. Okay? You’re gonna be left behind. You live in a world where year you’re not adapting to the times.


Okay, You have to learn, just like you had to learn how to drive a car.


It’s the same thing with technology and with using the tools. Okay.


It’s not, You know, you even have to love technology, right? Like you don’t even have to love.


I don’t care if you hate it. I don’t care if you’re one of those people who’s like, Oh, I hate the internet. I hate computers. I hate smartphones. I hate trying to figure all this stuff out. It’s so hard. I don’t like it. I don’t care if you don’t like it.


Okay? Learn it and use it.


Because if you don’t, you’re gonna be left behind. You’re gonna be poor. You’re gonna be broke.


You’re gonna be not as successful and everything.


Okay, so one of the traits that make up a successful flipping ninja is a master technology.


Okay, Learn how to use all the different APS, all the different tools, the websites that the computer smartphone, everything okay, Learn how to use the tools and watch your money multiply.


Okay, 99% of the money I make flipping.


Is literally from my smartphone. Okay, We’re talking thousands of dollars.


Well, I made over 100 k flipping things in sales. That was all for my smartphone.


Can you believe that? It’s crazy. These these smartphones we have these days are so powerful that we don’t even need computers laptops anymore.


I mean, we could truly do it all just from the phones. I mean, is there so powerful that we’ve got Internet?


We’ve got Facebook on Facebook Marketplace. We’ve got Craigslist, have yet eBay.


We’ve got, you know, these built in high def cameras on our phones, and we’ve got texting capabilities.


We’ve got phone capabilities. We’ve got the ability to have multiple different phone numbers on our phones. You can have your regular phone number three carrier, and you could have second and third numbers. You could have a Google voice number that you use just for flipping.


Right. Let’s say you don’t want to, You know, you’re like me, and you don’t wanna use your real number.


When you’re posting things for sale, you can have a Google voice number. You can have a phone number.


That’s just for flipping things. So this number, you know, It’s the only place it’s ever gonna be is you know, im craigslist or wherever.


It doesn’t matter where it is because it’s strictly for flipping. So all the calls you get to it, all the texts you get, it’s only gonna be for buying and selling.


And your privacy is protected. You don’t have to worry about you know, your phone number, your real actual one being out in the open.


I mean, you have to learn the technology. You have to learn all about the tools in order to maximize.


Your profits, maximize your time and maximize everything. Maximize your life.


Okay, so that’s the next treat of a successful flipping ninja.


So the next one we’re going to talk about is something I call having the eye for the deal.


Now, the eye for the deal is a term that I coined a few years ago.


Basically, what it is is when you’re constantly just naturally, always on the lookout for deals, an opportunity.


So that means anywhere you go everywhere you go, you have, like, this beacon you have, like a beacon that constantly is on the lookout for deals.


Okay, constantly, everywhere you go automatically just running in the background. It’s like a program that’s running in the background.


You’re always looking for money making deals. So essentially you’re seeing dollar signs all around you.


Okay, Now, the goal is to get to a point where you’re not consciously doing.


You know, you’re not constantly like if you’re let’s say you’re out with some friends somewhere, you want us to be able to be present and what you’re doing with your friends or, you know, whatever it is, but you want to be ableto.


Unconsciously or subconsciously be constantly aware and on the lookout for deals.


So if you have the store, you’re just browsing for fun and you see something right away that’s priced really low and right away you just instinctually know and notice it.


And you’re like, Oh my God, I could totally make $300 off of that five.


But if I buy and sell it right, so that is what having the eye for the deal means now, once you have the eye for the deal and it’s constantly turned on and it’s constantly activated, basically, anywhere you go, everywhere you go,


you’ll see, you know money will basically come to you.


You become this money magnet because the truth is when it comes to deals and this whole flipping, you know, business.


There are so many deals around you there, so many deals in front of you behind you. There’s so many deals that you will never run out of opportunity.


Okay, I once heard someone say deals are like, you know, good deals are like buses.


If you miss one, there’s always another one coming around the corner.


Whether it’s 15 minutes later, half hour later, there’s you miss out on one.


It doesn’t matter. There’s another one that’s coming around the corner, right? So that’s the same thing. When it comes to deals, they’re everywhere.


Okay, you’ll never run is like there’s an abundance of opportunity.


There’s an abundance of money that you can tap into that I can tap into that your whole town I can tap into, and there was still be even more right. So the challenge.


You know, the challenge isn’t that there needs to be more opportunity or deals or money to go around. There’s plenty of that.


The challenge is you have to know how to recognize them. You have to start noticing them, right?


And once you have that, once you develop what I call the eye for the deal you you have the Midas touch.


Everything you touch turns to go. Everywhere you go, you’ll never be without.


You know, it doesn’t matter what happens. You will always be have that security because you are the asset.


You are the thing that makes money because you can see it, you can recognize opportunity and deals.


So, like I said, you know, and there are so many traits there so many lessons there, so many skills that make up a successful flipping ninja.


But those are some of the most important ones that for starters, I would recommend really developing really learning.


And, you know, once you start like I said, just keep at it.


The biggest thing is take action because action leads to learning.


It leads to mo mentum. It leads to experience, and that’s truly the best way.


To learn this stuff and develop the skills is to just take action, you know, Just keep taking action, even if you know 90% of it is wrong and incorrect.


Because it’ll that would be so much more valuable to you than just trying to read about it or listen, you know, to listen to podcasts about it or watch videos about.


It’s like at some point you’re gonna have to go out and take action so that you could learn, and then you can move ahead.


So we’re gonna wrap this podcast episode up.


Those are just some of the traits that make up a successful flipping ninja.


A successful entrepreneur, successful buyer and reseller Craigslist slipper, the leader, all those things, right?


So, like I said, there’s hundreds. There’s probably thousands of different things and traits that make up, you know, a solid and successful flipping ninja.


Those air. Some of them start working on them, start thinking about them, and the main thing is, just start taking action, right? It’s one thing to just listen to me talking about them, or you read it, reading about them or watching videos about them. That’s all good that’s so important.


You need to build that foundation off knowledge, but there comes a point where you have to graduate, meaning you have to go out and take action.


You’ve got to go in the trenches, do the work so that you can learn so you can build the momentum so he can gain experience, right, because that’s what it’s all about.


It’s about doing, it’s about taking action, and it’s about learning these things in really internalizing them in the real world, right?


So I hope that helps and until next time.


Remember, you’re always just one flip away from freedom.


This has been the flipping Ninja podcast from the crew at the flipping ninja dot com.


We believe that all Americans should be able to make their own money without having to rely on a job.


If you’re ready to ditch the 9 to 5, visit the flipping ninja dot com and join our Flipping Ninja Blueprint Master Plan, where you’ll discover how to earn a reliable side income of 1000 to $5000 a month, living things with just 5 to 10 hours a week.


See, we’re on a mission to help 100,000 people earn $1000 a month on the side.


Flipping pigs, working professionals, students, parents, men, women, artists, techies, entrepreneurs, introverts, total movies. You name it.


Be a part of the revolution and blast out of living paycheck to paycheck once and for all at www dot flipping ninja dot com Until next time. Remember, you’re just one slip away from freedom.


I want to make a difference. If you enjoy today’s show, please pay it forward and head overto iTunes. Give us a rating and leave a review so others just like you could benefit and take charge of.





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