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THE Flipping Ninja Blueprint
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“...all from flipping things on my spare time while working a full-time job. The Blueprint was created to show you how I did it, and how YOU can do it too.

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– A.J. Hakimi

  • Have a vacation you want to fund and have COMPLETELY PAID FOR? I’ll show you how.
  • Are you a college or high school student who wants to make some extra cash or even REPLACE your long, boring, exhausting full or part-time job while freeing up your time (and making MORE money than your friends)? I got you covered.
  • Do you already work a full-time day job and just want to create a second income stream for yourself to pay off debt, quickly come up with a down payment to buy a house, or even start building your wealth?
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  • Learn exactly WHAT to buy, WHERE, and for HOW MUCH -- to make maximum profits
  • Learn powerful marketing techniques that will train you to demand much higher asking prices than the average Joe
  • Learn how to use the 4 Weapons of Determining Value on any item in 90 seconds or less, so you can make swift buying decisions (this skill set alone can make you a fortune and is responsible for 90% of your profits -- these tools by themselves are worth the cost of the entire program)
  • Develop The Eye for The Deal©: You're so focused, you see deals and their profit almost immediately (learn this powerful "superpower" once and you'll start seeing and attracting massive money-making deals anywhere and everywhere you go automatically -- with no effort at all, giving you an unfair advantage over other flippers)
  • See how I funded a 4-day Los Angeles weekend trip on just $30 and 3 hours of work
  • 300+ page eBook with over 10 hours of audio and video training content will turn you into a lethal, money-making Flipping Ninja© who only gets better (while keeping you motivated and educated)
  • See how I made $500 in one outing -- all captured on video, you'll feel like you were in the passenger seat with me
  • How to make your first hundred to thousand dollars by next weekend with secrets of monetizing your environment and using the Eye for the Deal© which you will have developed and learned (I've personally made $2,225 in one day with this, while others have made as low as $100 by the weekend using these secrets)
  • Complete proven and effective scripts and infographics you can use immediately to start making money right away (you copy and paste exact responses, emails, and texts so that you don't have to think about what to say or wonder what works for closing the deal)
  • Discover why I call the flipping business "The Dumb and Lazy Man's Game" because of how easy it is to make money (yet you will make more money in less time than probably 90% of your friends who work "day jobs")
  • How to make several thousand dollars on your spare time if you work a full-time job (with only a few hours per week)
  • Discover all the money-making opportunities around you as a college student (most college kids who learn how to flip end up making more money than their friends who work full-time and part-time jobs except they make it in less than HALF the time)
  • A tried-and-true marketing template you can use to demand insane, higher prices while selling your items 2x as fast (this is how I sold a $6 chess set from a thrift store for $100 4 days later, resulting in a $94 profit for 20 minutes of "work"