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How To Make $6,000/mo Flipping Books from Thrift Stores

You’re gonna love this post for a few reasons:

  1. You’re gonna learn how to make easy money flipping BOOKS!
  2. Because books can yield great profits, AND because they are physically small (unlike furniture and other bulky items), you can flip them in HIGH VOLUMES!
  3. I don’t care if you’re jobless or HAVE a job… This is something you can do starting — right now. Yes you reading this right now.

So let’s get right into it!

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Flipping Ninja Flips Keyboards In The Skies

So the coolest thing ever happened today.

So this morning around 6am – I was out on my balcony working on my laptop. Super beautiful morning.

Suddenly I hear this old school engine running high up in the air… now before I look up to see what it is I immediately feel this jolt of energy and am thinking, “OMG – please tell me that’s a YELLOW AIRPLANE that I’m about to see fly over my house in a second!!!”

As I’m staring and continue to hear the sound I finally see it…

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Pokémon GO Has Gone – Time To Capture Stuff That Matters

Yo! D’you like playing with your phone? Well, I’ve got a real moneymaking game for you.

The craze for Pokémon GO has vanished like a Charmander in a strong breeze, leaving a whole bunch of boredom, fatigue and drained batteries behind. In fact, the game lost over 10,000,000 players in the last few weeks, as people complained about the limited playability.

Well, if you’re tired of evolving Zubats, why not try a real life quest on your phone? It’s even more fun than any game.

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9 Ways To Turn Your Downer Into An Upsurge Of Motivation

Yo! Excuse the sheen, but I get pumped by working out. What does it for you?


Could be blasting that one piece of music until your ears bleed or barking at yourself in the mirror…or is that just for emergencies?


What I’ve found is that the best way to motivate yourself to your top performance is to find self-motivators that really connect with your needs and desires. I’m talking about developing your own internal supply of extra energy and effort when you really need it.

Here are 9 ideas to transform yourself from a disbeliever into a motivated self-believer. Are you up for the challenge?:
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