A Little About
A.J. Hakimi

(The Flipping Ninja)

Hey there!

I wrote this bio for one reason. What is it? Simple: The only emails I look forward to getting are from people who I feel I know personally.

There's nothing worse than a stranger hitting up your inbox!

Listen. information alone won't help you succeed with making money flipping things. Why? Well, there is far too much of it. So besides getting information, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source.

Someone You Trust!

What I discovered was when I would get on someone's email list, I'd usually end up unsubscribing simply because I didn't trust their information.... or them! To me, they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen.

Who was that person on the other end? What did they stand for, and what they against? Why are they teaching this stuff? What's their story?

With that in mind let me share a little bit about myself, so I'm not just another name on your screen. I am doing this because I truly feel I have some outstanding strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, and more importantly...

Act On Them!

I got into flipping almost over a decade ago. See, I didn't always know how to make money flipping.

In fact it was a total accident how I discovered it. I had just moved to another state and took on a new job. In fact it was a new EVERYTHING. New job, new state, new people, new place, new life. It was a fresh start.

There was only one problem... I was kinda struggling financially. 

Let Me Give This "Flipping" Thing A Shot

Let me try selling something... I "officially" got into flipping... I decided I'm gonna actually do it!!!

I thought this is pretty straightforward right? You buy something, turn around and post it, bam, profit, cash in hand, right?

So I went out there and hit up a couple thrift stores and bought some stuff. Posted them up with a smile on my face. Guys remember this was my VERY FIRST TIME.

I Just Wanted To Make A Couple Hundred Bucks On The Side... Nothing Crazy

Being busy with my new job, I didn't have much time nor did I want to pick up another PT job... so I'm like how can I do this so I actually MAKE MONEY and how do I know this isn’t just some lame gig that’s not even legit?

Keep in mind guys – before – I had no freakin’ idea about any of this ”flipping” stuff. Like I actually didn’t even know it was a thing, let alone a thing that was worth DOING.

I came from the old school way – you gotta go get another job working for someone else if you REALLLY wanna make money or even just extra side cash.

I didn't really have any kind of hardcore business experience or anything like that, in fact – and I’m just gonna be straight with you guys – I'm a college dropout and I've been fired from 3 jobs... I'm really NOT that smart or anything like that; I struggled in school and I barely graduated high school.

So I wasn't expecting much I guess, I'm not some kinda hot shot or anything, just a regular dude. But the big thing was I was unhappy, I was chained to this 9-to-5 job which I mean was FINE, but after a few years of it I honestly just knew I couldn't do it anymore;

You ever have those moments? There's a difference between just wanting out from something and ACTUALLY getting to that tipping point... where you're like, "Man life is just passing me by and I'm doing something that doesn't fulfill me anymore." I wanted freedom!

So I thought hmmm...

So What Happened Next?


2 weeks passed and…

NOTHING. Haha that’s right NOTHING happened.

I quit. I completely quit and failed at it all. I tried some stuff here and there and was like ok it's easy right? You buy something, turn around and post it, bam. Profit. Cash in your pocket. But whatever I would buy and try to flip, or even things I'd get for free... they JUST WOULDN'T SELL!

For some reason – even though I followed the basic steps that you learn about flipping – they wouldn’t sell!!!!

And if and when they DID end up selling (usually weeks or even months later), I either lost money or barely made anything since I had to keep dropping the price on stuff...

I was even more discouraged because I'm like if so many people are always talking about FLIPPING... why does it seem so hard to actually do? And I mean ACTUALLY make money doing it... I'm like this is BS.

Honestly, it sucked.

I mean idk, maybe I'm just slow or something but I got excited, started, then got frustrated and discouraged, felt like a total failure and then it kinda became one of those things that lingered in the back of my mind that I tried to ignore... which essentially made me feel even MORE bad trying to ignore my shortcomings!

But I Didn't Give UP

After months of being in denial and trying not to think about it… I finally tried facing it again.

I thought rather than quit because I know there’s no money in quitting and I know that it is physically impossible to make money or be successful by just giving up.

I said you know what the hell with it I’m gonna figure this flipping thing out because nobody ever got rich by being a quitter!

Know what I mean? 

No One Ever Became Successful Or Made Money By Quitting

... or just not doing anything.

I decided to pretty much ignore everything else I read about it or watched on flipping.

And the reason why was because it was all entertaining to watch and kill time, but they never actually TAUGHT me how to DO it. Like ACTUALLY teach.

There are so many VLOGS and stuff out there on YouTube of yeah sure OTHER people doing it and you could literally spend MONTHS watching it – they just drove around and showed what THEY were doing, but it was more for mere entertainment vs actually TEACHING someone step-by-step how THEY can do it. It was all like an online diary wher eothers just showed what they’ve done.

You see...

I Wanted To Actually MAKE MONEY Doing This Stuff, Not Just Watch OTHERS Do It All The Time!

In fact A LOTTA MONEY!  I didn't just wanna watch videos all day of OTHERS showing off or bragging and making it look super easy but it really NOT being super easy.

Know what I mean?

I thought, you know what, I'm gonna give this another shot. I'm really gonna go in. And I'm NOT gonna stop. I was ABSOLUTELY TIRED of having petty money problems and feeling bad and just quitting on stuff. And I mean just totally fed up!!

You ever feel that way? Usually you have to hit pretty rock bottom or experience lots of pain in some way or another, whether mentally or just being sick and tired. 


I'm like I'm tired of feeling this way.

I jumped in again. I faced it. Full-blast.

Now Keep In Mind...

This was all WHILE I was working a fulltime, 40 hour per week cubicle job.

This was 100% on my spare time, after work here and there & on weekends. Just a few hours per week -- I was even in a relationship at the time, I had a girlfriend -- so not only was I working FT I also had a decent social life.

So I made a decision and jumped back in. In fact, ever since, I’ve actually SPENT over $200,000 on flipping. For the past 10 years I’ve gotten so good at flipping that I’ve been able to even buy a house with it.

So yes – I BECAME one of those “success stories” -- but it was because I paid a hefty price of spending the time and money learning it. It wasn’t because I was some special snowflake or super smart. It was because I followed a strategy and plan! 

Literally a plug and play system and process that ANYONE can follow and be successful – guaranteed. No questions.

Here's How It Went Down...

It all started with this keyboard that I bought and flipped, and I was like OMG I just made $60 bucks!

Then I had a real game-changing epiphany. I just kinda stopped and was thinking...

Wait… I bought this… It took me this long to find… and this long to post it up and sell it… I pretty much just made $60 in 45 minutes! 

The when I flipped my next item (weeks later), I had made $150 in just one hour… So that means…

If it takes 1 hour for me to make $150… What if I put in… MORE hours?!

What if I put in… you know FIVE hours… or what if I put in TEN hours?

What would happen?

And this is a completely new way of thinking because we’re so used to going to a job where we get paid for our time like “Oh, you get paid $15/hour!” You know you go in, punch in, you work, punch out, you go home, collect your paycheck;

That’s it you’re trading your time for dollars. But I realized that this ‘flipping’ thing is a whole different world from every other ‘job’ or ‘side gig’!

It’s a PROFITS and MARKETING world. It’s a sales and profits world. It’s not an hourly, trade-your-time-for-money gig.

So Back To My Realization

So I’m like wait… if I can make $150 in one hour… What if I put in more hours?

So then I started putting more!

It started working… and I was like oh shoot! I flipped another thing!

Took me TWO hours! $200 bucks!

Flipped ANOTHER thing! $40 in 45 minutes.

And I kept doing it – and that’s when it really hit me I’m like HOLY SMOKES… if I can do this, I pretty much have a new type of freedom and flexibility!

Like I can do this on my OWN SPARE TIME. On my way home from work I can just freakin’ stop at a thrift store and try to flip something.

I can stop at a garage sale, there was this WHOLE NEW WORLD open to me and I felt like this money-magnet.

And it’s funny because I actually discovered this while I was working my full-time day job.

So I was freakin’ STOKED! I’m sure you can imagine – I was working a FT job and then outside of work I had all this other income, this money I was making on the side flipping stuff. I mean it was freakin’ sick!

So folks anyone can do this – and if you’re someone who wants to make more money on the side, or you just, you’re looking for something else or you’re even looking to make a ton of money to do whatever it is you’re looking to do:

-- Pay off debt

-- Bills

-- Buy a new toy

-- Take a vacation
-- Buy a new/used car

Flipping… is one of the best ways.

And the feeling I got… the feeling YOU’RE gonna get when you jump right in and you make your first $50 bucks… then $100 bucks… then $200 bucks and you just keep going at it and you get better as you do... is so liberating.

The More You Do It... The Better You Get (And MORE Money You Make In LESS Time)

Just like when you get a new job... On your first day, you get paid a certain amount. But as time passes, as you do it longer, you get paid MORE right? Why is that?

It’s because TODAY compared to when you first started; you're more experienced, you’ve been there longer, you know more… right?

It’s the same way with flipping.

And that’s the beauty of it. You start, you learn it, things are a little bumpy and slow at first, still pretty simple, but you’re just kinda taking it all in.

You get past that phase – BOOM -- You just keep getting BETTER and BETTER and BETTER, making more and more money, and your value increases more efficiently.

I mean let’s look at some of the other “side hustle” options that are out there, after all there are so many different ways to make money out there, right?

Usually most people resort to things like:

-- Uber
(one of my friends who worked FT wanted to start driving Uber for ‘extra cash’… it would have worked out to be pretty much minimum wage. Many other Uber drivers I know always felt burned out or discouraged, complaining how it was barely worth it.)

Here's what I found on Google regarding Uber:

-- Pick Up Another PT job

(and work a ton of long hours for a tiny return... Probably on TOP of your already tiring FT job.)

Now when you actually run the numbers and think about it… you'll see that these folks usually don’t make much.

And compared to flipping the difference is MASSIVE in MANY ways. In all honesty, it sounds pretty miserable.

Actually, it’s funny here’s an actual email I got from the other day from Alex who lives in San Diego who told me first hand about the struggles there with side hustle gigs people get into for extra cash. He landed on my site while he was looking for part time work that can be profitable:

He basically says he's tried all these other side hustle gigs out there and how it's hardly feasible to make even $10 an hour any longer -- and that's BEFORE you count expenses!

So more and more with each passing day it's clear that all these other ways to make money on the side... well maybe they were worth it at some point, but more and more people are starting to realize that it's just totally not worth their time.

You're basically just still spinning your wheels, while feeling stressed and frustrated.

The biggest thing is time. You just feel exhausted all the time. And it’s like the harder you work, the more it just beats down on you.

You get those sucky thoughts where you’re just lying in bed at night and you’re just like

“Will this feeling ever just go away?”

Constantly feeling like you’re just not making enough, knowing you want and need more.

I mean it’s a sucky thought! The feeling of worry and struggle and money problems – you know it sucks!

Not only that, whenever the thoughts COME, you feel MORE bad about yourself getting reminded by it!

Now guys… remember that it’s not YOU.

Flipping, the concept of flipping has been around for thousands of years.

The first thing I wanna mention is that if you’ve failed at flipping or having a successful “side gig” or “side hustle” – or failed at making your OWN money period in the past… Well it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Many times that information overload keeps you from success. It’s okay.

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t succeed with flipping or having the ability and SKILLSET to actually make your own money & have total control, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right person to explain it to you.

You Can Do This, You Just Need The Right Person To Explain It To You

One thing led to another and without boring you with the details -- after 10+ years of learning this stuff & spending over $200k "testing" and experimenting...

I MASTERED this game. I mastered every aspect and part of flipping, my tuition to learn it was 10+ years & about $200k – and now – YOU don’t have to go through what I went through.

Now remember -- when I started I just wanted to make like a few hundred/$500 on the side a month or whatever.... Well it turns out...

I realized that my goal to make just a couple of hundred dollars here and there was… so small!

Because what happened next completely blew my mind – sometimes it’s even weird thinking about it because it all seems so unreal…

Here's What Happened Next...

Very quickly…

I went from making $500/month flipping… to $1,000… then I Went from $1,000 to making… $1,200… then $1,500...

Now I wanna tell you something that’ll really blow your mind. …It took the same amount of time and energy to make $1,500/month flipping on my spare time… that it did making $500/month.

And There's A Lesson For You To Take To The Bank

Let me say that again…

It takes the virtually SAME amount of time, energy, work and effort to make $500/month flipping that it takes making $1,500/month.

Okay – that’s very important to know because that means despite the flipping business being such a simple business – there IS some strategy involved.

There IS something that separates the person who makes just $500 bucks/month and $1,500+/month.

Moving on… That $1,500/month quickly turned into $2,000/month just weeks later… and


$2,700/month… and many months I’d even make $3,000/month flipping!

What's Your Life Gonna Be Like Once You Learn This Skillset?

I ended up buying this sweet white BMW 3 series.

And then not too long later,  I bought this Mercedes – ALL CASH!

I ended up freakin’ buying these 2 awesome cars

Guys what other “side hustle” out there brings you these types of high profits?


It didn't stop there though... Because not too longer after the Mercedes and BMW,

I finally gave in and decided to buy myself this beautiful, stunning Porsche

Cayenne (and let me tell you, this baby is EVEN BETTER than the Mercedes and

BMW) -- All bought with flipping money – all 100% cash.

Okay so no loans, no car payments – none of that.

Now guys – by no means am I saying you have to go out and buy a Porsche. In fact… from a financial and investment standpoint, looking back – buying these cars was probably NOT a good move! I just got excited and wanted what I wanted – and I just wanna show you what you can do with this skill set if you learn it.

Here’s actually a video of me and my friend driving back, so I was driving the Porsche back and she was driving the BMW back to my place and it was just freakin’ crazy

Like at one point I literally had 3 luxury cars, the Porsche, the BMW and the Mercedes and I didn’t even like freakin’ stop and REALIZE it or THINK about it!

Now guys keep in mind -- 

Never In My Wildest Dreams Did I Think I'd Be Driving Luxury Cars

Growing up I always thought you had to be super rich or be a doctor or something to do that.

I mean it was insane it’s like “Holy shit I own those wait what?!” it’s weird even telling someone that.

Because -- Now Idk about you, but when you see someone driving like a BMW or Mercedes or a Porsche, right away we make judgments or assumptions like “Oh that person must be rich or stuck up" or like "Ohhhh... a snobby rich person” or "Oh they’re so materialistic—why would they even NEED that?" -- you know, whatever the case is.

We make certain judgements sometimes, or like me for example, like I said I always thought you had to be like super duper successful with some big shot career or you had to have rich parents or something in order to be able to drive cool cars like this!

Or thoughts like “Only rich people drive those cars, I don’t."

Like you don’t even imagine YOURSELF or the POSSIBILITY because you’re so programmed to think that only certain people can have those nicer cars or WHATEVER –

But like I said now looking at it and the fact that I was able to do it – just a normal regular dude, looking at this pic like “Holy shit I… wait I OWN those cars?! What?!”

You just get surprised and shocked because it’s something that just kinda happens.

Can You Imagine The Same Thing Happening For You? It Can

It doesn't matter where you're at now.

It doesn't matter how much or how LITTLE money you have right now.

Doesn't matter if you've never flipped a thing in your life. Or if you've had challenges in the past with trying something that might've been a little new for you.

Remember -- I'm just a regular dude -- I was STRUGGLING with money when I got started. I SUCKED in school. I got fired from 3 jobs. 

I mean how much worse can it get? Yet I jumped in and became successful. All because of a skill set that I learned.

So can you.

And once you make a decision to MASTER it yourself, everything will change for you. It’s a different world. It’s a whole different paradigm.

Some People Can't Handle It.
But I Know You Can.

I know you can because you're here reading this.

Most people though just can't accept making a week’s worth paycheck in just a couple hours. Like it’s not real in their minds because they’re so conditioned the old way. Ya can't blame them though, can you? I mean after all...

It Feels Weird Making A Ton of Money Very Quickly...

BECAUSE you didn’t wake up early... drive to the office... punch in... work 8 hours... punch out and drive back home....

BECAUSE you're not really doing that when you're out there making a ton of money flipping stuff on the side...

It truly DOES feel really weird. There's no doubt about it.

But once you get past the MENTAL CHALLENGES of accepting that... You've already made it my friend. Now you just have to learn the techniques. Things are just easy from here.

If YOU'RE Someone Who's READY To Learn This and READY To Receive This, I'm Excited For You


I don't know about you, but I like simple. I like easy and simple. No, I like SUPER easy. 

With flipping, not only is it super simple, but it’s not complicated and confusing like a lot of other stuff out there. I don’t like confusing. I like simple and easy and profitable.

Which is great because that means if you're even THINKING about getting into flipping, you can!!! YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! You can literally be driving this same exact car within the next year.

I mean can't you see it happening? How awesome would that be?

I love that quote – "when the student is ready the teacher appears." It’s so true.

I've Done A Lot Of Cool Stuff Since... But Let's Focus On YOU Learning This

Fast forward ahead, I did a lot of other cool stuff including quitting my 9 to 5 day job, and even using flipping as a means to come up with down payment and buy a house (and then rent it out to 2 tenants who are paying down my mortgage and building my wealth in the process)!

But let's focus on you.

See, it's not like I’m some special snowflake or rare case or something like that. 

People are doing this everywhere -- hundreds of people are doing this and… the thing is it’s NORMAL, once you learn how to do it. Once you get the strategies down -- it's super simple. 

And NOTHING else is as profitable.

And the best part is…

You Don't Have To Go Through What I Had To Go Through To Learn All Of It!

Like I had to go through years and years and years of trial and error and spending thousands of dollars like testing things and spending all this time in the trenches.

And like, oh my God, I’ve invested so much money. Like if I knew back then what I knew today, I don't even know where I’d be.

I wish I could go back and tell the OLD me… EVERYTHING I KNOW NOW!

While you may or may not wish to have this huge conglomerate like I built... I can tell you how to do it better than anyone else can. I ACTUALLY DID IT. I suffered all the bruises when I messed things up and got careless.

I'll Pass Along All My Successes And I'll Pass Along All Of My Pains - So You Can Avoid Them (Or At Least Try To)

But you know what I’m thankful I went through it, because here I am and I get to share it with you so you don’t have to take that long route.

So I want you to really see and recognize how you can use this for so many different things! You can use it for building your wealth, getting wealthy and--

What You Can Do With Flipping Is Only Limited By How Creatively You Can THINK About What To Do

This is something YOU CAN DO. Not a year from now, not 6 months from now, not 3 months from now – YOU CAN LITERALLY GET STARTED AS SOON AS TOMORROW OR THIS WEEKEND AND START MAKING MONEY. No joke.

You don’t need to go apply for any jobs.

You don’t need to go wait for long interview processes.

You don’t need to try and get your car approved by UBER…

Guys you can start taking action with what you'll be learning and make money by tomorrow.

How Freakin' Exciting Is That?
Finally Something REAL That WORKS!

And the coolest part guys? The more you do it, the more you will start to make. Because what happens is you start, and you get better and better and better… you start noticing things… LEARNING things… and you start having mental shifts. So if you get better and better as time passes and as you do it more…

Learn it properly and you can be amongst people like this person, who completely took control over their lives and decided, “I’m no longer going to be a victim. I’m tired of having money problems and worries. Totally fed up. I’m going to CHANGE my situation and I’m ready to DO the WORK, I just need someone to tell me what to do and I’ll do it."

"Flipping Is Independence!"

Now this person does flipping FULL TIME.

A lot of people do it full-time. But most people do it on the side, part time and make a lot of money doing it.

Okay the majority of people actually have day jobs, or are students, many are even stay at home moms and even entrepreneurs who are looking for extra money and income to fund other things.

But my point is – this is for people who are HUNGRY and want to make their own money and be their own boss and be empowered.

Here's someone else who's also realized how lucrative flipping is:

Here Are More Awesome Things Others Just Like You Have Done & Are Doing NOW!

Used Flipping To Pay Off $18,000 In Student Loans!

$1,000 Per Month, EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 1.5 Years!

This person paid off over $18,000 in student loans in a year and a half! All from flipping!

Guys that’s over $1,000 per month… EVERY SINGLE MONTH… for 1.5 years.

Can you imagine if that happened to you? How insane would that be?

And this is just ONE story out of HUNDREDS.

Here's another:

"Paid bills. Left job to take care of sick parent. Buying a new car, moving cross-country. Flipping is suck a f*cking godsend."

See, Here's My Mission:

My Mission is to help 10,000 people earn $1,000/month on the side flipping

See, here's what I believe in.

I believe in every individual – every individual – every man and every woman and every adult – should have the ability… They DESERVE the ability… to make money on their own spare time WITHOUT… having to relying on a job place or an employer.

They should have – just like back in the caveman days where you go out and hunt and get your own food – everyone should be able to go out and make money on their own.

EVERYONE should have this skill set. Now you don't have to use it, but you should at least KNOW. And that's my mission; to help EMPOWER people, to know how to go out and MAKE their own money flipping.

Anytime, anywhere, on your own terms, if you want, when you want, when you need

Even if you never use it. Even if you’re working a day job. Totally fine.

In fact, if you’re working a day job, I would; NOT recommend you quit it or anything like that.

You CAN, I have, but like I said...

Everyone should know this skillset and be able to DO THIS.

The most empowering feeling is knowing you have full control over your income, your fate, your destiny. Not only will you feel more confident and be your own boss, you'll learn so many valuable real world business skill sets that will serve you in so many ways beyond just making money.

Because you deserve it. They don’t teach you this in college, they don’t teach you this in school, nobody teaches you this. And that’s my mission. To teach you this.

There's No Reason For You To Start Now

Why would you postpone getting started? You’re only cheating YOURSELF

Like I said, guys, it's just step by step. Okay, take things slowly and… you will learn.  I'll help you learn. This is a life-changing skill set.

Now guys, forget about making $2,700/month or buying cool cars or even a house… let’s just say you wanna do the BARE MINIMUM and you’re super lazy and you wanna totally slack off and just stick with making $500 a month flipping things. (super duper easy – almost anyone can do it).

Just stop and think about it right now. I mean if I were to ask like, what would you do with an extra $500 per month?

Would An Extra $500 Per Month Be Helpful To You?

Would an extra $500 per month be helpful to you? What would that cover a car payment? Student loans? Or buying a NEW car that you really want?

How would an extra $500/month affect your confidence levels?

I know for me guys – whenever I would go thru some kind of weird funk in life or something – a quick $500 bucks almost always made me feel better and got me out of it LOL I mean let’s be real.

Maybe your first flip will be $50 bucks.

But it’s like that $50 dollars you keep repeating and repeating and repeating, you get better and better, it becomes natural,

Next thing you know you’re making $200 here. $100 there. $150 here -- several times per week.

Do you see what you can do with this? Do you see what kind of power and leverage you have with this skillset?

It’s like a giant snowball that just keeps getting bigger and bigger… and you don’t even know it’s happening -- you’re just doing your thing day in and day out and next thing you know you got 3 freakin’ luxury cars in your garage and a damn house with 2 ppl in it paying you rent every month.

...Or you find yourself on top of the Maya Mountains in Belize -- taking a casual vacation.

Or you might find yourself taking a fully paid-for trip to Cuba, like this person did: 

"Trip to Cuba -- 100% Paid for with flipping"

It's been a long road for me.

But The Journey Changed Me

It made me into more of a person. I overcame my fears along the way, so now I am more confident in myself. I also learned how to handle failure, so now I am more successful in whatever I do.

And most importantly, I get to help others.

When I used to work my day job in IT behind a desk all day, never had someone come up to me and say, “A.J., the way you fixed my computer changed my life”.


But I've had people write me telling me that my information products have changed their life.

"I feel like this information is a hidden secret that if more people knew about and tried would be living their dream lives and realizing that EVERYONE has the ability to make money outside of the "typical" paycheck. I'm SO thankful I found The Flipping Ninja! What A.J. teaches changed my life, opened my eyes to how much money is around me, and it feels great to know that I have a way to make extra cash and rely on myself instead of on my 9-5 job when I need to. ​

The Flipping Ninja taught me how to market a piece, how to take photos that sell, write compelling ads and demand high prices, and see the potential in thrift goods that has literally meant on the spot cash. One of the best investments I've ever made in my life and a skill-set that will serve me forever. Thanks A.J."

 Carolynn Wicks

  Flipping Ninja© Alumni

It enhanced the quality of their life. It has made them a better person, just as my journey has made me a better person.

So was it worth it? Yes!

And If I had to do it over again, I'd want it the exact same way.

- A.J. Hakimi


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