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The Benefits of Flipping Things for Profit (and how it can change your life)

In this podcast you learn the BENEFITS of flipping things for profits (including reasons that go beyond money). You’ll also learn:

  • Why Flipping things for profit is a good side-hustle to get into…
  • Why I’m not afraid to teach others what I know… or afraid of competition
  • The power of mentorship…
  • Key skill sets that once you master, you can use toward anything in your life (not just making money)
  • How to BUY more time (and life) back…
  • Learn what the “giant umbrella” is that covers 80% of how much money you make.
  • If you want to make more money, you’re going to have to become a better ________?
  • 2 tips from one of the most successful men on planet earth (these 2 tips can make you wealthy if you follow them).
  • Why you don’t need to believe in yourself like many people think in order to be successful… you just need to believe in these 2 things.

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Refinishing & Flipping Furniture: Interview with Carolynn Wicks

Ever hear about how people buy furniture, refinish them, then flip them for profits?

Have you ever wanted to get into this lucrative field?

Are you someone who is handy and loves to refinish, sand, paint, and turn trash into treasure?

In this podcast I interview Carolynn Wicks, who has a talent for refinishing furniture, plus some valuable insight for you to take in.

Ready, Fire, Aim: Stop Planning and Start DOING

Ever hear people say “Ready, Aim, Fire!”

I’m here to tell you to scrap that thinking.

There comes a point where you need to stop planning and stop seeking anymore knowledge, but instead START DOING.

The things I talk about in this podcast are the kinds that can immediately change the course of your life and the speed of your results.

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The Secret of Networking: Monetizing Your Environment

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your financial flipping goals fast?

Would you like to know the insider secret to making hundreds and thousands of dollars more than the average flipper within the next 14 minutes?

In this podcast I talk about the why and how of networking with the people who work at your local thrift stores and monetizing your relationships and friendships.

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Flipping Things for COLD CASH as a College Student: Interview with a REAL COLLEGE STUDENT!

Are you a broke college student who’s struggling to get by? Overloaded with school work AND burned out by a full-time or part-time job? I know how you feel. You need some COLD CASH, and you need it QUICK.

I want to teach you how to FLIP things and make money while working less hours, and making even more money than you would working a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

This is for you.

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How To Make Money Flipping Things If You Have ZERO DOLLARS Using Energy and Creativity

How to Start Flipping Things for Profits If You Have No Money: ZERO DOLLARS, Using Energy and Creativity

This is targeted towards those people who want to start making money with flipping things for profits, but have zero dollars or not too much money to start.

They want to start making money and get into the game.

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