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Cashing In on Craigslist: Case Studies (One Week Profits)

Can you make a full time living off of Craigslist?


And I want to show you how YOU can do it.

I want to train you to become a MASTER of flipping. A true, flipping ninja who can thrive and kill it in the market — all on your own.

Want a second income stream?

Want a complete, paid-for vacation through flipping?

Want to make some FAST COLD CASH for a down payment for a house?

I got you covered.

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Painting For Profits – The Ninja Way

Yo! Looking good there, you obviously had breakfast.

Do you know what I did? I discovered that beauty may be skin deep, but it can make you money!

First of all, I’m not a pro refinisher of anything, but I do believe in improving everything I touch, even if it’s just to polish it up.

BUT, and it’s a huge ‘but’, I never felt that the time investment for the money I’d make on a piece was worth it.

And then I had a profitable learning experience.

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Thrift Store Hack – How To Spot Treasures

Yo! Put your walking shoes on, we’re gonna make some money!

I love hitting up Thrift Stores. Whenever I do, I usually try and hit multiples because you increase your chances of finding profit opportunities. You also start to learn about how each Thrift Store is different, depending on the neighborhood. But all Thrift Stores have one thing in common – hidden treasures.

Today, let’s hit up two Thrift Stores and see what we find.

Come along! I love company.

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Guy Sells $6.99 Chess Set for $100 4 Days Later… Here’s How He Did It

Yo! Did you get a haircut? Makes you look younger.

Back when I was 13 years old, I saved up $160 for a brand new pair of Nike Air Max 360s.

I wanted them so bad, I wanted to be the first kid in the neighborhood wearing them. And I was.

But after about a week of owning them, I decided I would rather have the money instead.

So, this Junior Ninja took a toothbrush and cleaned off the dirt a little bit and decided to post them up for sale on eBay.

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How I Made $265 in Under 90 Minutes

So today’s quick flip was a complete couch set, along with glass coffee tables.

Here’s what I got each of them for:

  • Blue Couch (by Broyhill): Bought for $75
  • Green Chair (by Broyhill): Bought for $40
  • Large Brown Chair (by Bauhaus): Bought for $20
  • Mocha Colored Storage Cube by West Elm: Bought for $10

Total Investment: $145

I posted the whole thing as a set for $350.

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