How a College Dropout,

fired from 3 jobs Made $31,209.65 In ONE Year

using this offbeat method

All while working a fulltime job and it’s so

Brain-dead simple (now even his mom respects him),

You’re going to wonder why the hell you

aren’t doing it now!

Dear Friend

How do you feel about making $500 cold cash in an hour?

Or the ability to make thousands of dollars anywhere, anytime and completely on your own spare time (maybe a couple hours here and there or on the weekends)...​

Or being able to take completely paid-for vacations anytime your heart desires...

Or even quickly coming up with down payment money for a house...

To me, it’s been my secret to how I made just over $30,000 in one year flipping things – completely on my spare time outside of my “day job”.

So What's This All About?

You see, when most people hear the word “flipping” they suddenly get intimidated and think of HGTV style house flipping...

Entertaining to watch, but definitely one of those “too hard and not something I would ever do” type things. At least to most of my friends.

But what about flipping things on a small scale?

Like buying something from a thrift store and reselling it for a profit? Sounds pretty simple right?

Not to mention...

“These are the same secrets I used to make $31,209.65 in profits in one year, completely on my spare time while working a full-time job.”

I’ll give you all the details and show you exactly what I’m talking about, right here on this page.

But first, let me give you a quick run-down of who I am and why you should be listening to me.​

Hi, my name is A.J. Hakimi and I teach people how to make money flipping things on eBay, Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, and basically anywhere – FASTER than anyone else – EVEN if you have ZERO experience or have NEVER sold a thing in your life.

Growing Up

Growing up I wish I could say I was the perfect student...

Hell – I wasn’t even average. I was the kid who got bad grades all throughout high school and college... D’s and F’s.

My biggest memory is waking up 2 hours past my school start time to my mom yelling at me with “You’re late again?! Wake up!”

Talk about starting your day out positive.

It wasn’t a pretty sight at the time, but ya gotta realize where she’s coming from as a parent whose son ain’t doing too well in school and in life...

High school graduation, that’s another story.

I’m lucky I even made it.

I was literally one tiny assignment away from

graduating (in which my teacher CREATED for me,

just so I could graduate).

My first job was at an ice cream store as an ice

cream salesman and I SUCKED at it. I got fired only months later.

And College Wasn't Too Different.

I attended a private college for IT and landed a new

part-time job as a Captioning Assistant​

I was doing better, but my patterns hadn’t changed.​

College was hard as nails for me – bad grades, late to


​Eventually I dropped out after a year and a half...​

...then got fired AGAIN from my new part-time job because of how awful my attendance was... I was always late.​

3 months later, I landed another job. This time in IT. I was a computer guy (at least this time I felt good about doing something I went to college for). What followed shortly? I got fired again.

I was tired of jumping from one job I hated to another.

Eventually I got lucky and landed an IT job where I was

making $60,000 a year...

​I felt awesome! Things were going well.

​As a piano-playing enthusiast, I remember I bought a

Yamaha Keyboard for $100.

After a year of enjoying it, I wanted to upgrade so I

posted it up for sale. It sold for $120, completely unintentionally!​

$20 gain! Nice!​

Back to work… my patterns hadn’t changed. I realized... it wasn’t about the money all this time.​It didn’t matter if I was getting paid $100,000 a year…

It was ME!

That's When I Discovered Something That Changed

My Life...

“I learned the simple secrets to buying, selling, and flipping things for profits.”

Remember that Yamaha Keyboard I bought for $100, enjoyed it for a year then then casually and EASILY sold it for $120, making a $20 profit?

​I asked myself... Why can’t I do this with other things? On a grand scale? ​I started asking the right questions. Started experimenting.

At first, I was regularly making $100 per month, grinding out a few small flips here and there…

​Then I changed a few things, experimented some more, increased volume, and started regularly making $500 per month…

Finally, I hit a point where I started discovering “secrets” and things started coming to me. I was ahead of the game, regularly making $2,000 per month…

The crazy part was that this was all on my spare time, outside of work.

I realized it took me the same amount of time and work to make $1,000 in a month that it took me to make $2,000 per month. It was like a game!I developed a skill set that allowed me to make money anywhere, anytime, under any economic condition… No relying on an employer or being in deep sh** if I ever got fired or laid off.

Then It Happened...

I quit my $60,000/year job. Completely walked away from it.

​​I traded $60,000 a year for 40 hours of my time back per week.

​I knew that I WAS my greatest asset, and I could do much greater with that time given back to me…

​Even if I took a financial haircut... I was free and happy now.

Today, I have no bosses and complete freedom. Now I can “work” a few hours a day (or even per week) while still making a living.​

I have the freedom to wake up on any given morning and say, “It’s just too nice to be sitting inside. I think I’m going to go explore some beautiful trails ... or spend the day with my family ... or go for a bike ride.”

So How Did I Go From That

To Living My New Lifestyle?

Before I answer that, let me just say....

You don’t have to be like me and quit your job. The skills and knowledge of flipping things can be used however you want.

For example:

  • Replace Your Part-time Job
  • Make Extra Cash
  • Create An Additional Income Stream
  • Travel The World
  • Fund Another Business

You Can Make Money

Anywhere Anytime On

Your Own

Just imagine... 1-2 months from now, you’re making $500 per month regularly, all outside of your “day-job” (which by the way, making an extra $500 per month from flipping things is EASY, and I show you how).

​Or even better — imagine making $3,000 per month all on your spare time, in exchange for a few hours per week.

​What will you do with that extra $3,000 per month?

  • Pay off credit card or school loan debts?
  • Start taking more vacations?
  • Save up money for a down payment on a house?
  • Start investing your money into real estate or savings?
  • Treat yourself to that luxury car?

Here's What My Friend Hani Bought Himself 

After Learning How To Flip Things For Money:

He’s rolling around in this SWEET Porsche Cayman S.

Thing is — Hani didn’t always know how to flip things. In fact — he’s studying   

Accounting full-time — yet he was still able to pull this off all on his spare time — after

earning how to buy and re-sell things for profits (and this was JUST on eBay alone).

I currently own a BMW 328i and a Mercedes ML320, both freakin’ phenomenal, fun cars:

It didn't stop there though... Because not too longer after the Mercedes and BMW,

I finally gave in and decided to buy myself this beautiful, stunning Porsche

Cayenne (and let me tell you, this baby is EVEN BETTER than the Mercedes and


I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd own and be driving a Porsche (or a Mercedes or BMW). I always

thought you had to be one of those super rich people with super big degrees and careers to do that.

I couldn't have been more wrong...

Now I’m not showing you this to brag... nor am I “rich” by any means...

But one thing I will tell you is that I am rich in some other things, in fact, I GOT rich in those other things.

And Those Things Are:




And that’s what brought me the above successes. I wasn’t born with it, I had to learn it on my own.

Now what YOU decide to spend your money on might be different... maybe your dreams and desires aren’t the same as mine…

​I like cars, and I’ve got an interest in real estate investing... maybe you’d be happy just not having to stress about money and be able to take an extra vacation each year.

​You might just want to learn how to flip things for money so you can pay off credit card debt...

​You might even be someone who doesn’t want to make “that much” money and are perfectly okay with an extra $500 per month from flipping things (which again, VERY easy to do, I’ll show you how)...

I made $2,600 per month doing this with a few hours per week.

Maybe you’d be happy with half of that… or even a QUARTER of that – that’s $650 a month.

Or maybe you want to go full-time and make $5k, $10k, or even more?!?!

Or maybe you want to go full-time and make $5k, $10k, or even more?!?!

The point is – it’s completely up to you once you learn the

skills that I show you. YOU have the power to determine what you want and get it. Your call.


If someone were to show you HOW you can also do the same — all on your spare time (or even full-time)… wouldn’t you wantto know more?

​Are you tired of the “conventional” way of making money that they’ve brainwashed us into thinking is the only way? The “go to college”, “get another part-time job”, “work more hours”?

​Wouldn’t you want to learn about these money-making secrets they don’t teach you in college (or your parents never taught you)?

Well, I am excited to be able to finally share this content with you.

For many years, I’ve wanted to get these powerful secrets into a format where I could help as many people as possible get their hands on them, and I’ve done it.

Let me show you how you can create a stream of COLD CASH for yourself through flipping things (don’t worry – even if you have zero experience or have never sold a thing in your life, I’ll get you up to speed FAST)…




How To Make Thousands of Dollars Buying, Selling, and Flipping Things on Craigslist, eBay, and Thrift Stores

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